Segmenting Your Audience with Google Dynamic Remarketing

By Tinuiti Team

Any marketer will tell you that segmenting your audience is a powerful tactic to reach a more qualified market. And up until this point, this tactic has been limited to larger retailers with bigger budgets.

The introduction of Google Dynamic Remarketing (GDR) changes all of that and takes it a step further. Advertisers can now retarget customers with product-specific ads AND target segmented audiences.

With these two elements, an advertiser can theoretically target a shopping cart abandoner with an ad that says something along the lines of:

“Hey [abandoner], remember this pair of shoes? You can get them 30% off today only!”

The Segments

In addition to an “All visitors list” (encompassing everyone who has been on your site, regardless of activity), Google gives you 4 default audience segments. Here they are below, including how the dynamic ad will be structured AND Google’s recommended CPC bid: [ws_table id=”18″]

More Segmentation Options

Choosing how to target your ads comes in the latter stages of creating your dynamic remarketing campaign. Check out this detailed walkthrough on how to retarget any of the above 4 audiences in the Adwords interface.

But segmenting your audience can even go beyond Google’s recommendations. The rule of thumb for bidding on remarketing ads is to bid higher on people who have gone farther down the funnel (ex. viewed product > added to cart > made a purchase). Here are some other ways you can segment your repeat visitors:


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