Pro Tip: How to Save Time Breaking Out PLA Product Groups

By Tinuiti Team

Breaking out product groups for the new Shopping Campaigns format can be a tediously slow and methodical process for many campaign managers. Fortunately, the new model’s product-level reporting combined with the bulk add feature can help out here.

This is a little tip that will allow you to bulk add SKUs, whether it’s because you’ve identified them as best sellers or poor performers, to a product group and be more efficient about optimizing campaign structure in general:

1. Have a window open to the product group level of an account and then have a duplicate AdWords window open in the Dimensions tab.

2. Find a brand or product group that you want to break out by SKU to increase bids or down-bid on.


3. Go to the Dimensions window, set a filter for that brand or product type, and view by item Id.


Download this report and sort by clicks or conversions (depending on what you are trying to do).

4. Copy the SKUs from that report


5. Paste those SKUs in the bulk function of the product group



6.  Click Save and you effectively have the best or worse SKUs now added in that product group


Want more tips on the new Google Shopping Campaigns?

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