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Advanced Walmart Advertising Series


As the second-largest online seller in the U.S., Walmart is an emerging player in digital advertising whose growth continues to accelerate with more and more integrations. If you are already on Walmart, this series will arm you with advanced tips to help you take advantage of these exciting changes.

Walmart Connect, Walmart’s media management arm (formerly Walmart Media Group) offers more inventory and optimization levers for sellers. Tinuiti is one of the first designated Walmart Advertising Partners and can help grow brands’ sales on Walmart.

Every presenter in this series is a certified Walmart Advertising Partner, which means you’re getting expert, first-hand insight from those who know best.

What You’ll Learn

Advanced tactics to scale and maximize ROAS from advertising and display efforts with Walmart’s holistic digital shopping experience
Increasing your exposure by improving your pricing and inventory operations
 Maximizing the impact of your Walmart Reviews
Improving search rank, filter inclusion, and buy box prominence
Live Q&A with Walmart about the latest advertising integration changes and what is next in their retail omni channels


Walmart 201: How to Scale Your Walmart Sales

Hear directly from Walmart and designated Walmart Advertising Partner, Tinuiti, on how to maximize your brand opportunity on the marketplace. We’ll dive into Walmart’s ad offerings, what to expect from Walmart Connect, advanced Sponsored Products optimizations, roadmap to display and reporting, and more. Plus, we’ll have a live Q&A with Walmart – you won’t want to miss it!

Stuart Clay

Associate Director, Marketplace Strategic Services

Matthew Smith

Industry Manager: Consumables

How to Win on Walmart to Accelerate Your Multichannel Success

Learn what goes into a high quality listing on Walmart. While there’s a lot of opportunity on the Walmart Marketplace, it’s not as easy as ‘copy and pasting’ your strategies from other marketplaces. Learn how to increase your brand exposure and convert more sales with a focus on listing, pricing, inventory management, and more.

Pauline Shiu

Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Drive Trust & Conversions with Review Syndication on Walmart: How to Maximize the Impact of Your Reviews

Reviews are a critical element of climbing the ranks on Walmart and winning the kind of customer trust in your brand that will accelerate sales. Yotpo will explain how you can boost your Walmart ROI with review syndications.

Kristie Riojas

Associate Product Marketing Manager

Score the 2-Day Delivery Badge & All that Comes with It: Improve Search Rank, Filter Inclusion & Buy Box Prominence

You may have seen 2-day delivery badges across – there’s a reason they’re so prominent! Learn how to get this badge on your listings to improve your search rankings, streamline fulfillment operations, and boost your conversions with Deliverr.

Taylor Tomalski

People/Sales Manager & Business Developer