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April 22, 2021 (Past Event)

The Most Important Performance Marketing Event of the Year


Over a dozen sessions across three tracks—Martech and Measurement, Media, and Digital-First Creative. Top brands. Provocative thought leaders. All on a cutting-edge virtual platform meticulously designed to provide you with networking as well as specific and actionable strategies to accelerate your brand’s performance across the funnel. 

Get Out Ahead

Give yourself a break from the day-to-day grind in order to see the full picture and what lies ahead. Tinuiti Live provides you a half-a-day to not only listen, think, and get inspired – but to plan an actionable strategy to propel your brand performance in 2021 and beyond.

Who You’ll Meet

Tinuiti Live mirrors the in-person experience to give you as many networking opportunities as possible. Get in on one-to-ones and break-out groups with the doers and thinkers who will be most valuable to your business.

Content that Counts

Lots of people are talking about brand over here and performance over there – as if they are two separate things. This half-day conference brings brand and performance together in a way you haven’t heard before with sessions that tie together all the fundamental pieces.

Compelling Keynotes

All the sessions ladder up the inspiring keynotes on brand performance from some of the most sought-after speakers in marketing, including a keynote session from the CMO of the brand that has experienced phenomenal success mastering full funnel marketing—Etsy.


Pick and choose the sessions you need to accelerate your brand’s performance. Whether it’s what’s next in Martech and Measurement, Media, Digital-First Creative (or all of the above) there’s something for everyone—no matter what your vertical or job title is. Can’t make a session? You can catch all of the sessions on-demand for a full 30 days after the event.


Accelerating Brand Performance

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Martech & Measurement

Building a Foundational Tech Stack to Support Your First-Party Data Strategy

The new wave of privacy changes has made the need for a first-party data strategy more pressing than ever. But many advertisers still struggle with siloed data, underutilized tech, and a fractured view of the customer. This session will break down what a holistic 1P data strategy really means, the foundational tools and systems advertisers need, and the measurement strategies that every advertiser should be testing in 2021.


Nirish Parsad

Marketing Technologist

Andrew Richardson

SVP, Analytics & Marketing Science

Brand Meet Performance, Performance Meet Brand: A Fireside Chat with

Learn more about how is continuing to disrupt the family history & DNA market by adopting a connected, full-funnel approach to marketing. And breaking down silos with an integrated vision across Brand and Performance to accelerate growth.


Diana DiGuido

SVP, Client Strategy

Todd Pollock

SVP, Global Customer Success
and Commercialization

Paige Grossman Nelson

VP, Global Brand Creative
and Media

Brand Building on Amazon: Optimizing Creative to Boost Conversions

Compelling creative content can make or break your full-funnel Amazon strategy. These enhanced creative tools on the Marketplace are not just about making brands look prettier – they can drive traffic to a brand’s entire catalog and increase detail page conversion rates. Get steeped in the best practices for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), video, and Stores features and upgrade the shopping experience to make it more visually engaging and interactive.


AJ Swamy

Client Solutions Strategist
Martech & Measurement

How Audible’s Mobile App Performance Continues to Scale: A Look into a Transparency-First Approach

There are over 235 million smartphone users who are seeking out privacy preserving measures. How can a mobile app continue to grow, while maintaining the trust of consumers? Audible prioritizes a transparency first approach with publishers and consumers, which has allowed them to consistently scale performance. Tune in to hear how they approach keyword transparency with Apple Search Ads, the right ad placement tracking measures, winning consumer conversion paths, and more.


Liz Emery

Senior Director, Mobile
& Ad Tech Solutions

Danielle Smith

Senior Director,
Mobile Marketing

The Consumer has Evolved, Now Brands Must Too: How Bassett Furniture Evolved Their Media Strategy with OTT

Founded in 1902, Bassett Furniture had already survived the 1918 flu pandemic and many others before the coronavirus struck. When the company had to cut its media spend during COVID, the first thing to go was traditional TV. But what started as a necessity ended up opening a rich source of revenue—Bassett moved to Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising and shifted from promo-only support to evergreen always-on OTT efforts. The result? They moved their audience further down the funnel. This session will be invaluable to marketers who are looking for ways to enter the OTT field or step up their game.


Jesse Math

VP, Advanced TV
and Video Solutions

Heather Petersen

Director, Digital Marketing
Bassett Furniture Industries Inc.

Are you Speaking your Customer's Language? How Your Audience Experience Could Be Affecting Conversion Rates

Marketers, do you really know your customers? The truth is what we think we know about our customers and what they are actually trying to tell us, are two different things. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current conversion rate, odds are you’re not speaking their language. In this session, we’ll help you take a step back to objectively look at how your brand is perceived by your customers with a breakdown of the four key areas where the misalignment is probably happening. Then, because it’s all about actionable insights, we cover the tools for user Behavior Tracking and Analysis so you can leverage data about click activity and scroll maps to really understand what your customers are trying to tell you.


Kendall Giglio

Senior Director, CRO
Martech & Measurement

Addressing Addressable: Targeting & Measurement in the Era of Programmatic Convergence

Hear from eCommerce heavyweight Bonobos on how they're leveraging first party data to execute a full funnel media strategy that converges both programmatic & social. As well as actionable strategies on loyalty, audience segmentation and targeting.


Kolin Kleveno

SVP, Addressable Media

Helena Tse

Head of Growth Marketing,
Ecom, CRM & Insights

Emerging Social Platforms: Leveraging Upper Funnel Tactics to Drive Conversions

The world of Reddit often feels infinite. While there are thousands of subreddits for virtually any topic you can imagine, there are also vast opportunities for advertisers to capitalize on a highly engaged and deeply ingrained audience on the platform. Join us as M1 Finance discusses how they leveraged Reddit's unique ad products and targeting capabilities to find users who'd fall in love with their product.

Avi Ben-Zvi

Group Director
Paid Social

Bob Armour

Chief Marketing Officer
M1 Finance

Patryk Wlodersky

Acquisition Marketing Manager
M1 Finance

Erica Haile

Senior Growth Partner

Expert Panel: Creative Strategies for Real Action on DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

The recent awakening in our country around social and racial justice has inspired countless brands to step up their DEI efforts both internally and out in the world. While some brands have walked the talk and made a real impact, others have found out that paying lip service while failing to take accountable action can hurt their brands even worse than if they had remained silent. This panel will examine the game changing strategies of four very different brands The takeaway for marketers? Learn how to move beyond talk into measurable and meaningful DEI practices that perform.

Moderated by Arthur Benjamin

Senior Director, Diversity
Equity and Inclusion

Tory Hargo

Product Design Manager
Product Architecture

Rochelle Hinds

VP Social Media
OneUnited Bank

Elizabeth Morrison

Chief Diversity
Equity and Inclusion Officer
Levi Strauss & Co

Michelle Wong

VP Marketing and Sales
Sprinkles Cupcakes

Five Steps to Ensure Business Durability in an Ever-Evolving Marketing Landscape with Liveramp's Anneka Gupta

Coming out of a turbulent year, the marketing ecosystem has been rocked by an unsteady economy, the loss of third-party cookies, changes to mobile identifiers, and an increasingly complex patchwork of global privacy regulations. Join Anneka Gupta, President & Head of Products and Platforms at LiveRamp, to learn how companies can future-proof their businesses today. Gupta will share five actionable takeaways to equip business leaders and marketers alike with the tools they need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape as they embrace a more transparent, privacy-driven, and consumer-first world.

Anneka Gupta

President & Head of Products
and Platforms

Nii Ahene

Chief Strategy Officer
Martech & Measurement

The Future of Omni-Channel: Using Platform Technology to Bring Together Brand and Performance

maurices partnered with Tinuiti to drive omnichannel traffic and demand, with a focus on acquiring new customers and increasing efficiency. They also needed to prove how their digital marketing efforts impacted in-store traffic and revenue. Join our leading industry experts as they discuss the future of Omni-Channel using platform technology to better understand brand and performance. In this session you will hear about various data driven approaches to measure and quantify media channel impact, the growth opportunities unlocked and how analytics is used as the roadmap to strategy.


Kristine Koetter

AVP, Omnichannel Marketing

Annica Nesty

Sr. Director, Marketing Science

More Bang for Your Buck: Maximizing Media Spend Impact for Mid-Stage D2C Retailers

Emerging D2C retailers can punch above (way above) their weight class when it comes to maximizing media spend impact. In this session we'll cover media mix theory based on brand maturity, leveraging native platform tools to evaluate ad spend from a performance branding perspective, as well as how to harness first-party data early in the new era of privacy.


Josh Brisco

VP, Growth Media

Kady Srinivasan

SVP, Head of Global Marketing

Breaking Down Silos: How a Creative-First Approach to Performance Branding & Acquisition Media Can Work Together to Amplify Growth

What's in a Brand? In this session we'll be breaking down the silos between performance & branding efforts. As well as identifying reasons why brand engagement is important in today's climate and new methods of measuring brand marketing performance.


Carla Anderson

Creative Director, Tinuiti

Sam Dennigan

Strong Roots

Fireside Chat with Etsy CMO Ryan Scott

The success of Etsy during the pandemic and beyond has been nothing short of phenomenal. Listen to CMO Ryan Scott as he disperses insights into how the brand activated new customers gained during COVID and how the convergence of brand and performance fueled the site’s stellar growth.


Ryan Scott


Zach Morrison



Missed a session from the day? We'll be recapping all the key takeaways from the day. Followed by live entertainment from YouTube creator DSharp who will be taking your song requests to perform on violin.




anneka gupta

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Mayer

Chairman of the Board, Dazn
Former Disney Exec & CEO of TikTok

Kevin Mayer is a former top executive at The Walt Disney Company overseeing its international Direct-to-Consumer business which included global streaming platforms, Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu. Mr. Mayer architected the development and successful rollout of Disney+ that today has over 100M subscribers. Prior to that role, he executed major acquisitions including Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film, Bamtech, and 21st Century Fox. Most recently, Mr. Mayer served as CEO of TikTok and COO of its parent company, ByteDance——driving one of the greatest disruptions in social media history helping steer the world’s fourth largest social media platform with nearly 700M users.

anneka gupta

Keynote Speaker

Anneka Gupta

President & Head of Products and Platforms, LiveRamp

liveramp logo

As president and head of products and platforms at LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform, Anneka Gupta lends her cross-divisional expertise to product development, engineering, operations, and go-to-market. In addition, she has an executive role in the planning and execution of the company’s diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) program and strategy. As a woman in the technology industry, Anneka is focused on increasing the prominence of DIB resources for employees and regularly speaks at industry events on topics such as improving workplace culture, increasing inclusivity, and leading with purpose. One of the earliest team members at LiveRamp, Anneka has held positions in almost every department during her 10 years with the company.

Keynote Speaker

Ryan Scott


Ryan Scott is Chief Marketing Officer at Etsy, bringing two decades of marketing and ecommerce experience to the company. He leads Etsy’s digital marketing, advertising, communications, brand, market research, and international growth initiatives, elevating Etsy to new shoppers around the world and deepening engagement within the existing community. 

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