Amazon Tech-Enabled Data Strategy

In the right hands, Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon Attribution are powerful tools for brands.

Driving Performance with Amazon Tech

As each generation of Amazon’s measurement and analytics tools becomes more sophisticated, Tinuiti is right there in the sandbox figuring out how to deploy them to boost performance for our brand partners.

AMC Premium Expertise

Cross-Channel Data Unification

Amazon Marketing Cloud’s data enrichment capability has gotten even richer with its AMC Premium subscription feature. The new paid subscription offering provides brands access to their retail data so they can form more in-depth advertising and shopping insights. Brands can also join up the data with their Amazon Ads campaign reporting already available to them in AMC. The result? A 360-perspective to uplevel campaign planning, measurement, and optimization.
AMC Premium Graphic
AWS Cloud
Privacy-First Performance

Amazon Marketing Cloud

What advertiser doesn’t want transparent, cross-channel, actionable data that enables them to make informed decisions about their marketing? A powerful measurement and analytics solution, the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) helps marketers measure performance across media channels both on-and-off Amazon by offering a holistic view of campaign performance while maintaining end-customer privacy. We’ve won huge successes for our clients by using AMC data to supplement campaign planning and in-flight optimizations. Data clean rooms like AMC will play a critical role in helping brands navigate and succeed in a cookieless world.
Non-Amazon Campaigns, Measured

Amazon Attribution

Pinpointing attribution has been a pain point for marketers since the dawn of the Internet. With Amazon Attribution, we now have a solution that provides sales impact analysis that off-Amazon media channels have on Amazon. We can finally analyze the effectiveness that outside traffic sources—such as display, search, social, video channels, and email—have on the Amazon platform. Tinuiti account teams have put Amazon Attribution to work to invest more heavily in advertising off of Amazon to create full-funnel, multi-channel marketing campaigns to support sales goals for our clients.

Amazon Midwest Case Study
Success Stories

Massive Gains in ROAS

Read about how Tinuiti used Amazon Attribution insights to help achieve a 32% increase in ROAS for our client, Midwest Homes for Pets.

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