A Complete Guide to Amazon Prime Pantry

By Tinuiti Team

BREAKING NEWS: Amazon Prime Pantry (and Amazon Fresh) available in Sponsored Products

Need random toiletries, groceries and household cleaners, but don’t want to brave the holiday crowds?

Just want to take advantage of Amazon’s low costs and regular deals?

Then Amazon Prime Pantry’s for you.




The program is designed just for Prime members, offering quick and easy access to groceries, food items, household products and more. You don’t even have to buy in bulk, either.

Purchase every day and single-serve sizes, while still getting Amazon’s low prices and, for the most part, free and fast shipping.

Intrigued? Wondering exactly how Amazon Prime Pantry works? Let’s dig in.


What is Amazon Prime Pantry?

Amazon Pantry is a way for Prime members to purchase food, groceries and household items without ever leaving the house — and without paying an arm and a leg for shipping.

In fact, according to Amazon itself, members save about $83 per year in shipping fees if they use the program at least once per month.

Prime Pantry also offers exclusive coupons, deals, and promotions just for members.


amazon prime pantry


Here are some of the basic details of the program:


You can also choose not to be a monthly member and only purchase one-off Pantry orders. Shipping, however, will cost a bit more ($5.99 on all orders under $35).

If you’re already an Amazon Fresh customer, Amazon Prime Pantry is free and included in your membership.



What’s Included in Amazon Prime Pantry?

Amazon Pantry offers food, beverages, household items, cleaners, pet supplies, health products and more. There are even toiletries, beauty products and grooming supplies as well.

Prime Pantry’s baby care section is a big hit with families, too, offering serious deals on diapers (especially if you use Subscribe & Save). There are also toys, baby proofing products, sippy cups and just about anything your kiddo might need on a moment’s notice.




How Does Amazon Pantry Work?

Both signing up for and utilizing Prime Pantry is pretty easy. You just head to the program’s landing page, sign up using your Amazon Prime account, and then start shopping. It’s considered a “supplemental” Prime program.

Add as many items as you like to your basket (just make sure you’re choosing from the “Prime Pantry” categories and that the item has a Prime Pantry logo on it).


amazon prime pantry laundry detergent


Be sure to browse the special deals pages if you’re on the hunt for a bargain. There’s a “Buy 5, Save $6” category, as well as “Exclusive Coupons” and “Deals” categories. You can filter within these for specific food types and items.


Amazon Pantry Pro Tips

If you’re on the fence about using Amazon Pantry, give the free trial a whirl. It’s 30 days long and can be canceled at any time. Just be careful to cancel before the 30 days are up, or you’ll be charged for the next month’s membership.

To do this, go to your account page, click “Prime” and choose “Manage Prime Pantry Add-on.” Then, simply hit “Do Not Continue,” and you’re all set.

Another quick pro tip: Prime Pantry is only available in select regions, so make sure it’s offered in your area before signing up! It’s currently not available in Alaska or Hawaii, among other places.


How to Sell on Prime Pantry

Currently, there’s not a straightforward way to do this unless you’ve been invited.

However, we did find information from Seller Support in a forum:

amazon fresh selling

There you have it–contact [email protected] for a chance to sell on Amazon Fresh. We attempted to reach the form for application, but it has expired.


The Bottom Line

Grocery and Gourmet retailers–particularly those of niche or local products–have an incredible opportunity to expand their customer base and make a name for themselves outside of limiting farmers markets and grocery stores by selling via Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry.

If you’re a Grocery or Gourmet retailer and you haven’t explored selling on Amazon, it’s time. Don’t let your competitors get the upper hand in the impending battle for virtual shelf space.

“We’re not going to make the claim that grocery stores will be obsolete in five years. Because they won’t–there are still 75% of shoppers in the US who buy their groceries in person. But we also can’t afford to be behind the curve.”

– Leanna Kelly, Content Specialist at CPC Strategy wrote last year.



“Consumers are looking for greater convenience, flexibility, and customization for their shopping experience while also being cost sensitive, and all of those needs can potentially be met through ordering online. And right now, Amazon’s doing this better than all other competing platforms.”


Amazon Fresh vs. Prime Pantry

amazon fresh and prime pantry

Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry are two different offerings with different benefits for customers.

Read on for differences in membership requirements, delivery, and product selection.

To learn more about Amazon Prime Pantry, email [email protected].

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