Amazon Referral FBA Fees to Know

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon’s FBA and Referral programs are a proven way to sell more on Amazon by improving customer service and reach. Each of these services have an associated fee, and it’s your job as a responsible business owner to track those fees, when and how they’re updated, and the net impact on your pricing. 

For your convenience, we’ve assembled most of the fee changes from 2019 to 2020 and included them below:

Pro-tip: Continue to check back as we update this post with new fees each year.

Amazon FBA Fulfillment Fee changes

Fulfillment by Amazon introduced the following changes effective February 19, 2019:

Fulfillment fee increases.

There is a small increase in fulfillment fees in for specific size tiers and weights. This fee increase reflects changes in current fulfillment and transportation costs. The affected tiers are:

Updated dimensional billing weight calculations.

Amazon changed the dimensional billing weight calculation for oversized items. There is now a minimum width and height of 2 inches when calculating dimensional weight for oversize items. This is to align with current packaging costs.


New FBA Dangerous Goods Fees.

There are now separate fulfillment fees for items sold through the FBA Dangerous Goods (Hazmat) program to account for the necessary special handling and storage. Also, Lithium batteries and items that contain them (or are sold with them) are subject to an additional $0.11 cent per unit fee above and beyond regular fulfillment fees.

Simplified subscribe & Save.

Amazon has simplified the Subscribe & Save program’s fee structure. Starting September 2019, each new item added to the program can be funded a flat discount of 5% to 10%. This applies to all product categories currently eligible for Subscribe & Save. 


amazon beauty subscribe and save


Amazon FBA Inventory Storage Fee changes

Most of the storage fee changes for 2019 add up to more beneficial long-term storage arrangements for vendors. The following changes took effect on February 15, 2019:

More free long-term storage.

Amazon no longer charges long-term storage fees for units that have been in a fulfillment center for 181 to 365 days. Units that are stored for longer than 365 days will still be charged long-term storage fees.

Lower minimum long-term storage fees.

Units that have been in long-term storage for more than 365 days will now be charged a minimum of $0.15 per unit instead of $0.50 per unit.

New Hazmat inventory fees.

Units sold under the FBA Dangerous Goods program now have a separate monthly inventory storage fee structure. This is to cover the additional costs for special handling and hazardous materials storage. 

Amazon Referral Fee Changes

Amazon’s Referral fee structure is already pretty advantageous for businesses. But these latest changes have doubled down on value and have reduced costs even further for certain items, making it easier to invest in the tools and programs used to grow your business on Amazon.

Lower per-item minimum fees.

Amazon has lowered the per-item minimum fee across all applicable categories.

Referral fee changes.

Amazon has changed the referral fee percentages in the following ways:


Referral Fee Discounts.

Looking for more information on fees? View them online on your Seller Marketplace. 

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