Amazon Sponsored Brands Custom Image Creative Now Available on Mobile

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon recently announced that Amazon Sponsored Brands custom image creative is now available on mobile for Amazon sellers. 

What are Amazon Sponsored Brands ads?

Amazon Sponsored Brands ads (formerly Headline Search Ads) are banner ads that include a brand’s logo, message, and products in Amazon’s search results. Amazon sellers can now add custom image creative to Sponsored Brands ads for mobile

Sponsored Brands ads are an effective way to build top-of-funnel awareness by allowing your brand to show your offering for specific shopper search queries. They can be used to drive shoppers to a specific product category, a product listing, or your Store on Amazon.

Learn more about Amazon Sponsored Brands ads in this guide.

Why use Amazon Sponsored Brands custom image creative in mobile ads?

When you add custom image creative to your Sponsored Brands ads, your ads are more likely to engage shoppers browsing on Amazon with custom images to tell your brand story. Custom images can include imagery representing your brand or your product and can help drive engagement. Ads in this beta may display a custom image, brand logo, or product image. 



“It’s worth testing your creative. Unless you’re a well-recognized brand, we find that product images usually perform better with non-branded searches.”

Courtney Macfarlane, Senior Marketplace Channel Analyst at Tinuiti


How does custom image creative work?

A custom image shows your brand or products in use or context. A custom image is not a brand logo or a standalone product image and does not include a logo or text on top of the image.

According to Amazon, “A custom image is not just a product shot on a solid background or the product image from the product detail page, and it is not a standalone brand logo. The image must meet Amazon standards for appropriateness, and make sense in context with the rest of the ad (the headline, logo, landing page, and products).”

Amazon recommends showing at least two products in your ad. For more information on custom image creative for Amazon Sponsored Brands, visit their Sponsored Ads custom image guidelines page

If you choose to use a custom image in your Sponsored Brands ads, you must also use your brand logo in the brand logo field. Visit the Sponsored Brands logo guidelines page to learn more.

You can upload and preview your custom image creative in the Amazon Sponsored Brands creative builder. Here’s how to set up a Sponsored Brands Headline Search Ad campaign in Seller Central or AMS:


  1. Click on Campaign Manager
  2. Select Sponsored Brands
  3. Click Create Campaign
  4. Select ad landing page
  5. Set a campaign budget
  6. Add keywords and bids
  7. Add an image and headline


Your custom image creative must be approved by Amazon before your Sponsored Brands ad is published. Creative that doesn’t comply with Amazon’s Sponsored Brands policies will not be approved; you’ll receive an email and a notification from Amazon and can resubmit your creative with an updated or edited image. 

Once your custom image creative has been approved, it will be displayed on desktop, mobile app, and mobile browser at the top of product results. Your Sponsored Brands ads will link to the landing page of your choice. When choosing where your Sponsored Brands ads link to, keep shoppers’ search intent in mind.

“If a shopper is looking for a specific product, make sure your Sponsored Brands ad gets them to that product,” recommends Macfarlane.

“If it’s broad, it’s best to get them to page with a greater selection to help them make their decision.”

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