5 Tips To Improve Workplace Productivity [Infographic]

By Tinuiti Team

At home relaxing I tend to watch television with both my laptop and mobile device nearby.If you’re like me, staying productive and getting things done at work can be particularly difficult.

Here is a handy infographic from Name Badges International which highlights key elements for workplace productivity such as email, meetings and software:

Increase work productivity

Productivity Infographic Highlights

Email: Workers recieve 42 emails a day.

For more email productivity, consider using email applications and following best practices. If you are a Gmail user, here are some less known tips to save you 30 minutes a day. Limiting when you answer emails and using a timer to limit how long you spend on gmail is also a great way to increaes productivity on email.

Planning: 32% of workers have unclear objectives.

For more productivity throughout you day, segment your daily tasks by priority level, and plan out your weekly activities. Here are some great applications to help you increase workplace productivity.

Other Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

1. Work out of the office.

2. Take breaks from your desk. Walk around the office, get a drink of water, step outside.

3. Try and use one application to organize and communicate with your team. Consider gmail, basecamp or similar applications.

4. Exercise and get enough sleep.

5. Learn keyboard Shortcuts.


What helps you stay productive?


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