7 Drip Campaign Examples to Engage Shoppers

By Tinuiti Team

Drip campaigns are one of the most effective ways to convert leads and keep past customers engaged. But in the busy holiday season shopper’s inboxes are chock full of them.

Want to make sure your drip campaigns stand out as we inch closer to Black Friday? Here are a few email drip campaign examples to mimic this holiday season:

Drip Campaign Examples to Engage Shoppers:


The “12 Days” Approach

Embrace the holiday season, and try a “12 Days of Christmas” approach. Every day for 12 full days, you can send out an additional message, each one with its own unique park — maybe a discount code, a freebie or a limited-time sale.

Just make sure to keep your timing consistent with each release, so shoppers know when to anticipate it.




The “Did You Forget?” Approach

Cart abandonment is common — especially during the holiday season when shoppers are already spending a ton on gift and shipping. To combat this, use your drip campaigns to follow up with those who abandon ship or fail to follow through.

A quick “Did you forget XX?” in the subject line, along with a picture of the item and a quick summary of its advantages, and you could bring that buyer back into the fold.

Really want to up your chances? Include a discount code or free shipping. In most cases, shoppers abandon ship because of sticker shock. Even a decrease of a few dollars can make a big difference.


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The “We Still Remember You” Approach

This one’s for customers that might have purchased once or twice, but it’s been a while since they’ve perused your store. For these shoppers, use your drip campaigns to 1) talk about their last few purchases and ask for feedback and 2) recommend additional items that fall in that same vein or cater to those same interests.

Show them you remember their preferences and budget by tailoring product recommendations as much as possible.


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The Stocking Stuffer Approach

Rather than using your drip campaigns to promote super high-dollar, expensive items, focus on lower-priced, quick-buy items instead.

Bill it as a “stocking stuffer” promotion, and roll out a few new stocking stuffer recommendations every week or so. Keep them under $25 dollars, and throw in a free stocking or shipping promotion if you can swing it.

They’re small, incremental sales, sure, but if you up-sell property and keep re-engaging those customers over time, they could mean larger purchases later on down the line.




The “Cyber Sunday” Approach

Get ahead of Cyber Monday sales, and opt for a Cyber Sunday instead (after all, people are off work and have more time on weekends, anyway!) Use your drip campaigns to build hype about the promo in the days and weeks leading up.

You can use some emails for previews (what sort of items will be on sale) and others to offer promo codes, sale details and additional info.


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The “Gift Guide” Approach

Create drip campaigns tailored to each segment of your audience, and promote potential gifts they’ might be on the hunt for through a series of incremental emails. Have a lot of Millennial males in your audience?

Maybe create a “Happy Wife, Happy Life” gift guide, and reveal the most in-demand items for young women this season. Create similar gift guide campaigns for each unique sect of customers you have.


Credit: MailUp


The “Save and Send” Approach

Have parents or loved ones always asking for your “Christmas list?” Tired of getting hand-knitted sweaters from grandma every year? This type of drip campaign is for you.

Use your emails to promote super tailored, specific products and offerings that you know the customer would be interested in (or may have even browsed or purchased before), and encourage them to “save and send” the message to their loved ones.

Frame it like, “Want gifts you actually like this year? Forward this hint to mom and dad!”


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During the holidays, including discount codes or free shipping are always great ways to convert leads and better improve the efficacy of your drip campaigns. Help customers save on their gift-giving, and they’ll help you boost that bottom line.

Want to learn more about drip campaigns or see additional email drip campaign examples? Email [email protected].

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