“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

This quote is most commonly attributed to Albert Einstein although actually it may have been coined by Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin or most likely Rita Mae Brown. Moreover, doing something over and over again isn’t insane. You brush your teeth every day don’t you?

Poll some of your co-workers and you’ll likely find that a good portion of them have heard this quote, and agree with it. Likely many of them will also agree it’s attributed to Einstein.

What You Know About Google Is Wrong

What “truths” are you listening to about Google Shopping? What retail search strategy do you have in place which you haven’t changed or tested?

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Verify the Google Shopping facts:

  • What type of traffic does Google Shopping generate?
  • Should you invest in Google Shopping?
  • Will PLAs help you meet your ROI goals?
  • How well do Google Shopping ads convert?


Check out the Google Ecommerce Study for statistics and performance on Google Shopping conversion rate, traffic, mobile trends and more!



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