Magento Partner: Expert Insight Into Popular Solutions & Common Pitfalls

By Tinuiti Team

CEO of Web Solutions NYC Yitzchak Lieblich operates a unique boutique design and development agency with expert knowledge on one of the world’s most trusted ecommerce platforms – Magento.

“What that means is we are experts with anything Magento related,” Lieblich said.

“We are the only Magento partner in the world (that we know of) that employs only Magento Certified developers, thereby guaranteeing all of our clients work is done by a certified developer.”


Magento is the winner in the mid-market level, which allows businesses to have an enterprise level solution, fully open source and at a price point that is affordable to businesses in the mid market level.

From Magento pitfalls to frequently requested ecommerce store features, Lieblich highlights the most popular areas of focus for ecommerce software and platform development.

What are some of Magento’s most common pitfalls?

1. Performance:

“Magento has a terrible reputation for being slow. Now this is true with a combination of poor development, many extensions and of course poor hosting choices.”

“We recommend only using Certified developers and trying to minimize the amount of third parts extensions you install. You would be amazed how much can be accomplished just by knowing the Magento configuration settings.”

2. Data Configuration:

“Many times people just upload data and it looks like it works on the front end, however there are many potential issues with data, and we all know how important data is.”

“We have seen too many times to count where clients use ‘custom options’ instead of attributes and other poor decisions early on which cascade into larger issues down the road.”

3. Unclear Requirements:

“We see many clients come to us with extremely complex solutions, which have of course not worked. We always like to define requirements very clearly using a discovery project to really understand the needs of the client. Then with our expert team, we can devise a plan that will allow them to use Magento, all its default functionality and not re-invent the wheel.”


Web Solutions NYC offers several different services depending on their client’s needs including:

New Company Client: “This is someone with a new business idea, or an existing business that has never transacted online. Here we have a lot more advice to offer the client as they need to be setting their business rules and learning from us what is industry standard, what works and most important what does not work. We also have the greatest flexibility for these clients to really offer a full Magento solution.”

Migrations: “This can be merchants who are moving from another cart system, upgrading from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise or anything in-between.

Rescue Department: “This has unfortunately become our largest department where we are called in by the Magento Support team to assist merchants who were with other partners that unfortunately were unable to finish the project and get them launched. We step in and literally roll up our sleeves to assist the client in getting launched the right way.”yitzchak-lieblich

Monthly Maintenance Team: “Here we offer clients a guaranteed Magento Certified Developer for ongoing support and maintenance. This can vary from new SEO initiatives, new module development, custom reporting or anything in-between.”

“We also offer a full design service to our merchants where we have our team of expert designers working on the latest and greatest UX/UI designs for our clients,” Lieblich said.


What are the most requested ecommerce store features?






According to Lieblich, at the end of the day, the number one request from his clients is pretty straight forward: Create more sales through higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates and lower cart abandonment.

“We understand that no two businesses are the same, and we also understand that what works for one vertical will not work for all verticals,” he said.

For more information check out our ecommerce platform comparison to make the most informed choice when choosing your ecommerce platform software.


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