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If you’re like me, you’re a big picture guy. Numbers are great…for others to come up with. This is of course debatable for many, but what’s not up for debate is the value of insightful and digestible analytics for any business.

delve-partners-jeff-jamesWe got a chance to sit down (virtually) with Jeff James, a Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Delve Partners. Delve Partners provides analytics solutions for many recognizable clients like Chanel and Tempur-Pedic.

Use this Q&A as a resource next time you find yourself number-struck into analysis paralysis.

Describe Delve Partners in 60 words or less.

Jeff: Delve Partners is a Web Analytics company, specializing in capturing data and driving insight for eCommerce retailers. We use our expertise in IT, analytics, and marketing to drive revenue and reduce costs for our clients. Our strength lies in our flexibility and speed in providing tailored solutions for each of our clients.

What are the benefits of Delve Partners to an ecommerce retailer?

Delve Partners handles anything from small, project-based engagements to owning the entire analytics and eCommerce process for some clients. We’re Google Analytics Certified Partners, and we are one of 15 authorized Google Analytics Premium Resellers. We also carry certifications in Omniture, SiteCatalyst, and Tableau (a leading report visualization software).

By providing our clients with clean, granular data and creative marketing insights, we help them focus their marketing resources to increase conversions, drive ROI, and ultimately boost their bottom line.

How do you see business analytics playing a larger, perhaps different role in ecommerce in the next 5-10 years?

Analytics and eCommerce in general will be different in 5-10 years simply because customers are changing the way they buy. Google’s recent “Zero Moment of Truth” research showed that in 2010, customers interacted with five pieces of content before buying. In 2011, the number doubled to ten.

This tells me that customers are becoming savvier, and it will only become more critical to provide superior content and to drive the potential customer through the proper channels to convert. In short, eCommerce is morphing from checkers into chess, and strong analytics will help companies make the proper plays.

What’s Delve Partners’s unique selling proposition? (USP)?

Delve’s uniqueness stems largely from our adaptability. Every company faces unique issues, and we pride ourselves on not providing cookie-cutter solutions. Also, we staff some key positions very cheaply and pass the savings along to our clients.

For instance, our VP of Security is a Border Collie named Chance, who is paid in monthly stipends of MilkBones rather than receiving a lucrative annual salary. That’s the kind of creative thinking that you won’t often find with our competitors. (Note: Chance does not handle data security, as he forgot the password ages ago.)

How do you explain your growth as a company and your ability to build out a notable client list with a lot of brand-name recognition?

Delve Partners has been able to grow due to the high quality of our work. We started out as a boutique firm in 2007, and we were quickly able to gain traction through word of mouth and referrals from existing clients. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to direct more resources towards sales outreach and marketing, but our core philosophy will always be that a job well done is the best advertisement.

What kind of retailer/business is best suited for Delve Partners’s service?


Honestly, we can work with eCommerce companies of any size and budget.  We can do basic reporting functions for a nominal monthly fee, or we can do full blown audits, implementations, monthly insight meetings, data blending, and predictive analysis for $10,000+ per month.

We are also Authorized Resellers of Google Analytics Premium, which is great for our enterprise-level clients or any company that needs to analyze massive amounts of data and doesn’t want to deal with extensive sampling or data storage issues.

It all comes down to what the client needs. We can find a sensible scope of work for any price point. 

What’s next for Delve Partners?

In the near future, we’re focused on growing our company by taking on new talent with unique skill sets. We will continue to work hard to build our client base while continuing to help our current clients with the new technology (like Universal Analytics and Cross Device Measurement) and new concepts (Big Data!) that seem to be coming out weekly.

Big Data in particular is an easy one to get carried away with – we like to think of it as “Smart Data”. Basically, we believe it means the ability to blend PERTINENT data from varying and sometimes creative sources to provide the clearest possible picture. An example would be blending weather data with geographical sales data for a clothing company…that type of thing.

How can an ecommerce merchant get started with Delve Partners?

To get started working with Delve, just contact our sales guy, Nick Thompson at [email protected]. He’ll get some background info and set up an intro call with either me or Greg Sobiech, our other Managing Partner. In most cases, we can get started in 48-72 hours.

Also don’t forget to check out our website and our always (sometimes?) entertaining blog.

About Jeff James:

Jeff has worked at a number of big companies and produced astounding results. He’s been on the Omniture Customer Advisory Board and is certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Omniture, SiteCatalyst, and Omniture Test&Target. He began with a degree in finance and is currently looking for more answers with a master’s degree in applied mathematics.

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