Companies can spend up to 300,000 hours a year on just one meeting. How much time are you wasting organizing notes, planning projects and scheduling meetings?

Eliminate wasted time by leveraging the most advanced, tech-heavy, and user-friendly tools for digital marketers

Below are over 55 resources and tools to make your digital presence and marketing efforts more effective, and less time consuming.

Monster List of Must Have Organization Tools for Marketers

1) Evernote

Evernote (app) is a popular organizational tool which has the capability for note taking, data storage, This app lets you take notes, photos and records and access them across devices.

Use Evernote for:

  • Note taking
  • Workflow organization
  • Project managementevernote-organizational-tool1

Other note taking organizational tools to consider:


2) Basecamp

Basecamp is a free online program which you can use as an organizational hub for tasks,projects and internal communication.

Basecamp allows you to add specific users for individual tasks and projects, with the ability to assign dates and send email reminders.

Use Basecamp to:team collaboration and task management tool

  • Organize projects
  • Assign tasks
  • Communicate on collaborative efforts

Other project management organizational tools to consider:


3) Trellodigital organization tool

Trello is a project management tool which uses lists to organize projects and tasks.
Trello has a very simple interface that integrates with email, and uses a simple search function.

  • Assign project dates,and checklists
  • Access Trello on your phone, Kindle, watch or tablet
  • Share board project inflammation to assign tasks

Other to-do tools to consider:


4) Dropbox

Popular online file storage for files, photos, etc.

group project management and organization

Other file storage systems to consider:


5) Shoeboxed

Receipt and business card scanning/ tracking tool which gives you 5 free document scans per month.

Other receipt organizational tools to consider:online marketing receipt tool


6) LaterThis

Link management tool which allows marketers to store and organize website links.

Other site link organizational tools To consider:


Must Have Task Management Tools for Marketers

7) Wunderlist

online task management and to do list tool

Wunderlist (app) allows you to create and share lists for to-dos and projects.
A free application, Wunderlists syncs across devices and allows task assignment and comments.

Use Wunderlist to:

  • Send task reminders
  • Share lists for project management
  • Assign tasks and comment on projects

Similar task management and list making organizational tools:

  • Workflowy – List maker marketers can use to organize, assign and manage day-to-day activities.
  • Taskforce– Allows digital marketers to convert emails into tasks.
  • Any.DO– To do list app which sync across devices (Android/iPhone/web)
  • Conqu– Multi-platoform task managment tool (Android, Blackberry, iOS, windows)


Bonus: Additional Task Management Tools to Consider

  • Things –  Mac friendly to do list for personal and professional productivity (Mac,iPhone)
  • Omnifocus – Task management platform for task management and goal setting (Mac,iPhone)
  • Flow – Team collaboration tool which integrates with Google+
  • Taskos– Daily task managmenet and to-do list maker app with speech-to-text (Android)
  • Tuex Duex– To do list app with a simple UX, and recurring to-do functionality (iPhone)
  • TaskPaper– Organizational list making app for Mac users (Mac, iPhone)
  • Dropkick– To do list app with the ability to sync across Apple devices (Mac, iPhone)
  • Todo– Task manager toolfor increased productivity with Outlook, iCloud, Dropbox, sync (iPhone)
  • Remember The Milk– Task managmentt app with offline capability, and Evernote, Gmail, Google calendar and Twitter sharing capability
  • Astrid – Dynamic organization and productivity app (Android)
  • Todoist– Personal to-do list and  task manager with task sharing (Personal favorite)>
  • Tasskr– Web -based task manager with calendar view
  • Dooity– Task manager and list manager
  • bTodo– Digital to-do list and project management
  • Todo Brew– Free to-do app for iPhone/iPad.
  • Sandglaz– Agile team and personal to-do task managment and planning tool
  • do it, do it, done!–  Task management, to do list with stationary and design focus
  • Whimber–  Printable to do list tool
  • Doomi– To do list  with reminders


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