52 PPC Industry Leaders Search Marketers Should Follow for 2015

By Tinuiti Team

Reddit might be the internet’s front page, but Twitter is the internet’s news source. With 225 million active users, Twitter has a history of breaking news online before major news publications.

For the online community, Twitter is both a source of news, and a resource for engaging in conversations, with 46% of Twitter users engaging on Twitter at least once a day.

52 Paid Search Industry Leaders to Follow on Twitter

For Paid Search Marketers, Twitter is both an external opportunity to brand your online store and leverage content. Internally, Twitter is also a honey pot of information, and a great place to learn and engage with experts in your field.

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Follow the PPC Twitter experts below to stay on top of leading PPC news and strategy. 

  1. Rick Backus– Ecommerce, SEM and Retail Search speaker and addict, CPC Stratecy CEO
  2. David Weichel– PPC, Search and Anaytics guru, CPC Strategy Paid Search Director
  3. Nii Ahene– CPC Strategy COO, Retail Search and SEM maverick
  4. Mary Weinstein– (Me!)- SEM, Search,Content, Ecommerce news and strategy author
  5. Matt Cutts– Author, speaker and Google expert on search and Google at Google
  6. Mat McGee– @MarketingLand editor, blog featuring search, SEO, SEM and Digital Marketing news
  7. Robert Brady– Internet Marketer and self proclaimed PPC wizard
  8. Megan leap– Digital Marketing Consultant
  9. Danny Sullivan– Search, Google, SEO, SEM and Digital Marketing editor at Marketing Land
  10. Marty Weintraub– Aimclear founder and digital marketing proponent
  11. Kent Lewis– Digital Marketing enthusiast and entrepreneur
  12. Rand Fishkin– Moz Founder, SEO speaker and marketer
  13. Justin Seibert– SEM speaker and Google partner
  14. Jeff Sauer-SEO and SEM professional with Analytics and Digital focus
  15. Andrew Goodman-Page Zero Media president, PPC aficionado
  16. David Szetela– PPC speaker, author and online advertising resource
  17. Melissa Mackey– Search Marketer and PPC manager
  18. Justin Freid-Tech and search pod-caster
  19. Luke Alley– PPC Director, search  and ecommerce fan
  20. Tim Ash– Site Tuners CEO, CRO expert and ecommerce speaker
  21. Rick Galan– Director of Digial Marketing at @Blendtec
  22. Ginny Marvin– Search and paid media expert @sengineland
  23. Danny Goodwin– Managing Editor of @MomentologyNews an ecommerce, SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing blog
  24. Brad Geddes– Google AdWords author and PPC ‘geek’
  25. John Lee Dumas– Podcaster for Entrepreneurs
  26. John Gagnon– Bing Shopping, PPC and Google expert
  27. Lisa Rahensler– Rocking SEM and PPC and search engine marketing at SEW
  28. Bryant Garvin– SEM and CRO manager
  29. Mona Elesseily– International PPC, SEM and Online marketing speaker
  30. Perry Marshall– Online advertising author for Google, Facebook and sales
  31. Aaron Goldman– Kenshoo CMO, marketing and SEM author
  32. Bryan Eisenberg– NY Times author and speaker fr online marketing
  33. Sam Owen– Search Marketing Manager at Netflix
  34. Jeff Ferguson– Digital Media Advertising agency member
  35. James Svoboda– PPC chatter partner at #PPCchat and WebRanking
  36. Frederick Vallaeys– SEO fanatic, former Google and AdWords evangelist
  37. Danny Sullivan– Digital marketing expert at @SEngineLand
  38. AJ Kohn– Start Up Advisor with emphasis in SEO, Search, Social Media and User Experience
  39. Richard Fergie– Data consultant and PPC Analyst
  40. John Rampton– Forbes, Inc, and Huffington Post blogger with focus on PPC, Search and SEO
  41. Greg Finn– Internet Marketing, and content author for SEM, SEO and search
  42. Alex Cohen-GrubHub digital marketing advisor
  43. Matt Umbro– Founder of #PPCChat
  44. Laurie Johnson– Digital marketing strategist at IBM
  45. Kevin Lee– Digit Founder and online marketing speaker
  46. Marc Poirier– Paid Search marketing founder at Acquisio
  47. Barry Schwartz– Search author and expert
  48. Guy Kawasaki– Not so much PPC specific, but share awesome insight
  49. Marsh Collier– Social Media Commerce, and online author
  50. ThunderMax– Online Marketing entrepreneur and Thunder SEO
  51. Jonathan Maltz– PPC and CRO agency advocate
  52. Tim Grice– Director of Search at Branded3, SEO, PPC and Content tweeter

PPC experts are continuously discussing leading search and Google developments- news and strategy that can help you proactively optimize your paid search campaigns.

Follow PPC industry experts to learn about the leading search changes and utilize vetted techniques to increase exposure and sales for your store and products online.

Did we miss any paid search experts?


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