How To Choose Stock Images and Where to Find Them [Infographic]

By Tinuiti Team

Visual content will play a critical role in digital marketing in 2015. Unfortunately, many companies still use images that don’t properly support their brand.

What images should you use on your website? A recent infographic from Mike Gingerich of TabSite provides the following tips on selecting the right images:


Stock Image Resources

Buffer Social has a great list of free image sources to use. You can also also find  free images here:

Internally my favorite picture tool is Canva, but I also recommend creating images using Infographic tools including:

For social posts and some content, you may also want to consider featuring quotes, which you can create using the following free tools:

Images should be a core part of every brand’s online marketing campaign. One study found that 67% of consumers place more weight on images than product information or ratings.

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