TED Talk Tuesday: Another Matt Cutts Video

By Tinuiti Team

You know that guy you see on Search Engine Watch that’s always talking with his hands? That’s Matt Cutts, and he’s a pretty smart guy and a very well-known figure in the SEM space. It turns out that when he’s not releasing a new Google update as their Distinguished Engineer, he’s also offering some pretty great lifehacks.

Key takeaway at the bottom.

Matt Cutts: Try Something New For 30 Days

Key Takeaway:

It’s refreshing to hear Matt talk about something other than SEO best practices or Google’s policy on X, Y, and Z.

The bottom line here is that small, almost subtle changes are far more sustainable in one’s life than drastic lifestyle shifts. And it turns out that those small challenges can actually be pretty fun.

Oh and if you needed documentation that Matt Cutt’s does indeed talk very eloquently with his hands, see below:

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