People I Admire In Ecommerce #1: Danny Goodwin, Associate Editor at Search Engine Watch

By Tinuiti Team

This series is about people in the ecommerce industry who I know and admire.

A lot of people do work behind the scenes to help retailers and marketers learn about information that helps their businesses stay alive. Danny is one of those people. As the Associate Editor for Search Engine Watch, Danny writes and coordinates numerous articles on search, social media, and retail each day.

I don’t know how he does it. With 3 – 4 quality posts on Search Engine Watch every day, that’s 90+ posts scheduled per month. I’d lose my hair.

Danny is not really part of the ecommerce industry by choice, more by association.

Recently Jonathan and Danny have been opening up Search Engine Watch to include more articles on social media and ecommerce. It makes us ecommerce marketers feel at home when we visit your site.

Thanks for sharing great information in our industry!

That’s it for this episode of “People I Admire In Ecommerce”


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