Feel Good Friday (4/17/20)

By Tinuiti Team

The initial shock of this pandemic has faded away, but we still have a long way to go. Luckily, as we’re all going through these struggles we are still able to help each other outboth as businesses and citizens. Please keep the feel-good submissions coming as we salute brands that are demonstrating sincerity and providing tangible relief or aid. 


Answering the Call: Verizon Media


Hospitals are still in need of medical supplies and resources, but the self-isolation caused by COVID-19 has led to another growing concern: mental health. Many Americans are feeling the negative effects of these necessary ‘stay-at-home’ orders through depression, boredom, loneliness, etc., and Verizon Media is stepping up to address the issue. By donating $10 million of ad inventory, Verizon is focusing their efforts to literally making people feel good. These funds will go towards multiple mental and public health initiatives that will help Americans through these tough times. 

Some of the organizations receiving aid include the Child Mind Institute, Crisis Text Line, Empower Work, Mental Health Foundation and The Trevor Project. A portion of the donation will also go to assisting the response efforts for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization. Along with these donations, Verizon Media has created Yahoo Life, a resource hub focused on well-being, parenting, mental health and more. We encourage you to check it out as we all find different ways to cope. 


A Step Ahead: Brooks Running


Shoes that provide support and alleviate pain are critical for runners and for over 100 years, Brooks Running has been at the forefront of that issue. Now, their attention has shifted to the heroes most on their feetour front line medical professionals. These hospital workers are spending all day on their feet, working through the pain and Brooks quickly recognized this hardship. Along with applying the message, “Our Heroes Wear Scrubs”, they accepted submissions from all over the country and have donated 10,000 free pairs of performance shoes to health care workers in need. 


Staying Strong: Nike 


Tinuiti and hundreds of other companies are participating in The Ad Council’s #AloneTogether movement, but Nike is taking it to the next level. Instead of dwelling on all of the lost time, energy and money that went into marketing campaigns for events like the NBA Playoffs or Summer Olympics, Nike shifted their messaging without hesitation. It’s important to keep active even if we don’t have access to gyms, parks or sports and Nike’s mission is to keep everyone motivated to do so. 

The creative and poignant ad campaign entitled, “Play for the World” features home videos of world-class athletes and everyday people. This highlights the importance of self-isolation and provides additional motivation by showing us that even the best of the best are just doing push-ups in their bedroomand so can you. Check out their latest commercial, “You Can’t Stop Us” and work out this weekend!


Share If You Can’t Contribute


Throughout this Feel Good Friday series, there have been many causes to support through donations, charitable sales and other avenues. We know that you can’t participate in everything, but we urge you to please share with your community! One of our Board Members, George Gallate, is leading a GoFundMe page that supplies medical masks to the front line. So far, they have already sent 72,000 surgical masks to police departments, mayors offices, clinics and hospitals and are committed to a goal of 600,000 masks. Awareness for initiatives like this is paramount, so please share the information even if you cannot donate. Have a safe and active weekend, everybody! 

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