Another year gone by and the world of online marketing truly looks and feels very different than it did this time last year.  When you stop and take a look back at all of the different happenings in search engine marketing in 2013 (which we did when preparing this article) it’s astounding just how many changes there have been throughout the year.

Search Engine Marketing in 2013

On July 22nd 2013 Google rolled out Enhanced Campaigns for all advertisers, throughout the entire year we’ve seen surges in both product listing ad campaigns and mobile ad campaigns, social advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to evolve and offer new and interesting targeting offers and campaign types, and that’s just a few of the top stories.  There are countless other events and happenings that it’s almost hard to believe everything that’s happened in the course of just one year.

Search Engine Optimization in 2013

In addition to all the changes with SEM, 2013 was also a year of huge changes in search engine optimization.  Releases of Penguin 2.0, then Hummingbird, and ultimately 100% encrypted search with Not Provided have drastically changed the SEO landscape.  The events of 2013 are not only immediately impactful; they will also have a huge impact for the foreseeable future.

Elite SEM in 2013

And what a year 2013 was for Elite SEM!  Our team participated in webinars, traveled to tradeshows and client summits, did great work for our valued clients, and doubled in size in terms of the amount of employees now at Elite SEM versus end of year 2012.  On top of all of that the company ended the year on an incredibly strong note being recognized as the best search agency in the United States by a panel of esteemed peers at the first ever US Search awards and was recognized as the number one place to work in New York City by Crain’s New York!

With so many changes and developments in the industry and with Elite SEM the blog team is happy to present to you, our readers, the second annual Elite SEM year in review blog post and slider.

Thanks for a great year, enjoy reliving some of the greatest memories and happenings of 2013 through our posts above and below and we look forward to seeing you again in 2014!

Month by Month Top Story Recap

January 2013:
SEM Safety Tips: An Elite SEM PPC Guide

February 2013:
Elite Thinks – Enhanced Adwords Campaigns

March 2013:
Elite SEM Adds its Fifth Member to Teach at NYU!

April 2013:
The Benefits of Bid Management Platforms
Elite SEM’s Marc Weisinger Stars in Google Display Webinar

May 2013:
On the Go: Optimizing with Mobile SEO
Elite SEM Thought Leader Cited on AdWords Blog

June 2013:
Elite SEM Exhibits at IRCE 2013 in Chicago
What Does Penguin 2.0 Mean for Website Strategy?

July 2013:
Elite SEM Company Retreat Recap
Elite Thinks – Product Listing Ads
Elite SEM PLA Best Practice Guide

August 2013:

Google Acquires Channel Intelligence: PLAs will never be the same
The A-Z of SEM: Alphabet of Online Marketing
Elite SEM Makes the 2013 Agency 100 List

September 2013:
Elite SEM Inc. 5000 for the 4th Consecutive Year
Congrats to Elite Clients making the IR 500
Quantifying the Full Value of Mobile Advertising

October 2013:
Not Provided, a Blessing in Disguise
Top 10 Ways to Prepare for the 2013 Holiday Season
Elite SEM Wins Best Agency – US Search Awards

November 2013:
Hummingbird Algorithm and What It Means to SEO
Elite SEM Opens New Fort Lauderdale Office
Elite SEM is Now Certified Kenshoo Pro Agency

December 2013:
Elite SEM Voted Best Place to Work by Crain’s NY

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