Fresh Web Explorer: Analyzing SEO Moz’s Latest SEO Tool

By Tinuiti Team

The world of SEO is constantly changing. Keeping up the latest trends means trying new SEO tools and seeing how they can help with your SEO campaigns. The latest SEO tool is Fresh Web Explorer from SEO Moz. Free for SEO Moz Pro users; this innovative tool tracks social mentions, links, and web citations all in one place.

Getting Fresh with this New SEO Tool

At its heart, Fresh Web Explorer is an aggregate feed reader. It uses the almighty Freshscape index, which is a 30 day index of 4.3 million feeds and is currently refreshed every 8 hours. How does it work? Simply type in a word, phrase, URL or subdomain URL into the tool. The SEO tool then brings back a graph of actual mentions including a link to the site, the Feed Authority of the site, the phrase mentioned, and the date found. The Feed Authority predicts the authority level of a feed by analyzing the sites within the feed through the Mozscape index, which includes Domain Authority and MozTrust. In other words, a site with higher authority will likely have more people subscribed to it and reading the content in the feed.

Discovering the Benefits of this SEO Tool

The mentions data can be used in a variety of ways, many of which users are still discovering. So far, this SEO tool and service has been helpful in finding opportunities to build press and media coverage, which often results in inbound links that help with SEO. Likewise, leveraging these types of sites can result in brand growth and even direct traffic to your site. Fresh Web Explorer is also being used for content opportunities. By looking at the types of content and links currently out there for a subject, you may be able to compile a top ten list or write an opinionated piece on a specific subject. It’s also ideal for figuring out the best time to share content, as you’re able to see if a topic is on the down or upswing for the past 30 days. Releasing content at the right time is often key to its success.

In addition, the SEO tool is great for tracking fresh brand and link growth compared to your competitors. Keeping up with your competitors allows you to stay ahead of pack in terms of strategy and finding new opportunities. Fresh Web Explorer SEO tool also offers an easy way to find sources that mention two or more of your competitors, but perhaps not your client. This is a key way to build new relationships for linking, which can directly help your this SEO tool helps your SEO efforts. Lastly, Fresh Web Explorer provides an easy way to monitor and report how a term or link is doing or its hits in the last 30 days. This is similar to what a public relations agency may compile for you each month.

Untangling the Fresh Web Explorer SEO Tool Details

Keeping in mind that it is still in beta, there are a couple of downfalls to Fresh Web Explorer. First, Fresh Web Explorer only tracks data from the past four weeks. In other words, track it before its gone. In addition, the tool does not track live. It currently functions with an eight hour delay. While this is not a long delay, in the world of instant news it could be a hindrance. Likewise, there is currently no way to geo target, which may be helpful in sorting through the hundreds of URLs. With that said, it may also be helpful to be able to sort by type, whether it’s a social mention or press release, etc. Overall, the tool is a great addition to the SEO Moz Pro line up and will definitely be an asset to monitoring campaigns.

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