4 Facebook Advertising Success Stories You Won't Believe

By Tinuiti Team

In 2018 Facebook announced they will be updating the way they rank content in their News Feed – and it’s likely to have a pretty big impact on advertisers.

According to the announcement, Facebook is prioritizing posts from friends and family over public content (including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses).

As a result, it’s safe to say this year CPMs will increase and in order to stay competitive, advertisers will need to create super compelling creative to get reach at affordable rates.

“Brands will have to work harder than ever to prove their relevance through engaging content,” Jenny Broekemeier, Social Marketing Manager at CPC Strategy said.

“We’ll likely start to see a “less is more” approach from brands, as they’ll want to invest more time and energy into providing a few strong pieces of content (as opposed to posting daily).”

Regardless of the vertical you sell in, the message is clear: Advertisers need to invest in a sophisticated Facebook ad strategy to stay competitive in 2018.

Now the question is, how can brands advertising on Facebook stay ahead of the competition and which strategies are proven to be successful?

4 Facebook Success Stories You Won’t Believe

In the following article, we highlight 4 Facebook success stories from our clients.

Each success story focuses on at least one specific obstacle the brand / retailer was facing.

From revenue growth to retargeting and even conversion lifts (on the Google side!), we explain how our management team worked with each retailer to meet their goals.

Let’s dive in.

Objective: Increase Facebook Revenue via Audience Prospecting


Solution: Implemented New Audience Prospecting Techniques

Result: HYLETE Increases Facebook Revenue by +367.9%

Summary: One of the most difficult things to do well on Facebook is audience prospecting. It’s not just about getting in front of the right audiences, it’s figuring out what they are going to respond to as well. CPC Strategy was able to refine the reach of HYLETE’s audiences and increase conversion rates through a rigorous and advanced testing process.

To build out a well-defined prospecting strategy, we leveraged internal and external data weighed against months of creative testing to position HYLETE in front of new audiences that closely resembled the brand’s ideal customers.

Through strict creative testing schedules, our social team has been able to identify and target defined audience prospects and what they are most responsive to in HYLETE’s Facebook advertising strategy.

By increasing the amount of qualified traffic being driven to HYLETE’s site, we were able to see performance boosts of +22% in average order value, +68.43% in the average session duration, and +20.84% in pages visited per session.

But we didn’t stop there.

We also utilized dynamic ads across Facebook and Google to retarget past purchasers, specific product page visits, or cart abandoners.

In addition to dynamic ads, our social team was able to create look-a-like audiences using first-party data, such as CRM lists and website behaviors recorded by Facebook pixels installed throughout the site.

As a result, HYLETE was able to increase their ecommerce conversion rate by 580.81%, the number of transactions by 340.65%, and revenue generated from the platform by 367.92%.

You can read HYLETE’s full case study here.

Objective: Increase Facebook Orders & Conversion Lift

Who: Halsbrook

Solution: Invested in Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Result: Halsbrook Focuses on Shopper Retargeting, Sees +293% in Facebook Orders & +42% Conversion Lift on Google

Summary: Halsbrook’s target audience is very loyal, with VIP customers who shop on the website an average of 7-8x per year, with some customers shopping up to 50x per year. In order to capitalize on these customers, CPC tailor-designed and optimized dynamic remarketing campaigns across both Google and Facebook.

These Dynamic Remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Google in particular have produced outstanding results from Q3 2015 to Q3 2016.

Overall, since March, the CPC team was able to work closely with the Halsbrook team to fly beyond the minimum ROI goal and cut the average cost per acquisition across all managed ad channels.

You can read Halsbrook’s full case study and blog interview.

Pro-Tip: AdWords fans may think most Facebook ads don’t offer measurable returns, while Facebook advertisers don’t see the value in old-fashioned AdWords. Both sides are missing the big picture and even bigger profits. Shoppers rarely buy in a linear format—they bounce around to multiple channels. And like it or not, those frequently include social and search.

Want to learn more? Check out,”Proof that Facebook and AdWords Work Better Together

Objective: Increase CTR & Drive New Traffic To Site


Solution: Invested in Dynamic Remarketing Ads & Prospecting Focused Ads

Result: Blink Increases Facebook CTR by 81.44% 

Summary: Like many e-commerce businesses today, Blink For Home saw an opportunity to make Facebook a larger part of their paid marketing strategy. Using Facebook Dynamic Ads, audience targeting, and prospecting efforts, CPC Strategy was ultimately able to improve Blink’s brand awareness and online sales.

Dynamic ads not only helped reengage previous site visitors and cart abandoners but also turned Facebook into an impactful ecommerce channel for Blink. The result was an 81.44% increase in click-through-rate, 63.20% increase in ROAS, and a 13.11% increase in orders.

The second step was to scale Blink’s prospecting efforts. CPC Strategy worked in partnership with Blink’s in-house team to create prospecting-focused ads – designed to reach new audiences and expand Blink’s brand awareness.

Ultimately, working with CPC Strategy allowed Blink to redistribute their focus and tackle other omnichannel marketing endeavors within the company.

You can read Blink’s full case study here.

Objective: Increase Sitewide Growth & Revenue

Who: Vuori

Solution: Conversion-focused ads, Facebook Creative Report, Integrated Google Shopping Efforts

Result: Vuori Increases Sitewide Revenue Growth 376.43%

Summary: As an emerging retail brand in the active lifestyle market, Vuori was extremely eager to acquire new customers, build their brand awareness, and increase sitewide revenue.

One of the main challenges for Vuori was that they were not optimizing their advertising strategy on Facebook. Although they were running paid Facebook ads prior to CPC Strategy’s involvement, they were not leveraging advanced targeting and display capabilities to increase conversions.

To grow revenue and fine tune their Facebook advertising strategy, our Social, Google Shopping and Technology Department met regularly to design conversion-focused ads – geared towards generating sales.

We integrated their Google Merchant Center feed to Facebook Dynamic Ads, which allowed Vuori to target specific audiences based on actions they took on the Vuori website (for example, adding a product to cart or checking out a specific product page). With Dynamic Ads, Vuori was able to promote relevant items to potential customers across multiple devices through an automated process.

On the social side, our Facebook team began testing new creative against different audience segments and taking action to improve Vuori’s prospecting and CRM efforts. Approximately 15 months after joining CPC Strategy, Vuori was able to increase their new email sign ups by 131.05%.

We also implemented our Facebook Creative Report, which is basically a deep dive into Vuori’s advertising data based on a specific time period. This report allows us to analyze how the current creative is impacting the entire account so that we can make better recommendations to Vuori on upcoming creative.

You can read Vuori’s Case Study here.

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