How to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Track Offline Conversions

By Tinuiti Team

It’s safe to say we can all agree on one thing – nobody enjoys filling out forms, especially on mobile devices. This is just one of the many reasons Facebook introduced Lead Ads, a frictionless solution to the mobile sign up process.

Facebook Lead Ads allow advertisers to gather all the valuable information they need (like email or addresses) from users without the hassle of filling out a form or sending them to a landing page.

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Now, thanks to the introduction of Facebook’s Offline Conversion Solution, advertisers can also track how those lead ads impact customers as they move their way down the conversion path by tracking phone calls, in-person visits and in-store transactions.

But before we dive into how Facebook’s new offline conversion solution can help advertisers improve customer acquisition, let’s talk about how Facebook Lead Ads apply to your business.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Gone are the days when advertisers had to set up long opt-in forms or separate landing pages to gain customer or lead information.

Lead ads were designed to make mobile signups easy by removing the usual friction of filling out an online form. This saves people time, and makes sure that businesses collect information that’s important to them.

Lead Ads allow Facebook users to sign up for:

Below is an example of how a Facebook Lead Ad works:

Facebook Lead Ad Type for Retailers


According to Facebook, the most effective way to collect lead information is to set up lead ads to sync with a CRM solution from one of Facebook’s integrated marketing platforms.

Facebook currently partners with:


Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

Collect information in real time: Through these integrated marketing platforms, retailers can collect lead information in real-time, helping them maintain communication with their customers. They can also collect leads in real-time by setting up a custom integration between the CRM and the Facebook API. (Or you can download lead information manually into a CSV file.)

Retargeting potential customers: Garnered contact information can also be used to create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, ultimately allowing retailers to remarket to current customers, or find and approach new ones that share similarities with people who have filled out your form. While this approach may not drive immediate results in terms of sales, it increases the likelihood of increased conversions in the future.

Pro-Tip: Advertisers with the Facebook pixel implemented on their website can also set lead ads to be shown to people who are likely to sign up for information and are also able to measure cost-per-conversion from lead ads.

casey lead ads on facebook“With every campaign you plan on running, you need to first ask yourself what your objectives are,” says Casey Edwards, Social Marketing Manager at CPC Strategy.

“If you decide to run a lead ad, your goal probably isn’t revenue. It’s email signups, gathering information, and finding value in various conversion types.”

Lead Ad Specs

Here are Facebook’s Design Recommendations for Lead Ads:


NEW: Facebook Lead Ads Offline Conversion Solution

But according to Facebook, it’s hard to understand what’s working and acquiring information and intent from interested people is just one step in the path to converting a lead into a customer.

Let’s apply to a real life example: Sandy’s cupcake business might want optimize their lead ads to drive in-store visits. Because those visits will ultimately transpire offline, it’s difficult for marketers to attribute an in-store visit to the lead ad campaign.

By having access to this type of “offline information, businesses can attribute success to the right channels and optimize their campaign accordingly.

According to Facebook:

“We believe marketers should be able to build campaigns around what drives actual transactions. That’s why we created the Offline Conversion solution to help marketers overcome this challenge.”

“By allowing businesses to connect their CRM, point of sale (POS) or call center systems to their Facebook ad campaigns, marketers get attribution and insight they need to understand the non-digital outcomes of any Facebook campaign, including which lead ads are more effective at driving real business results.”

facebook lead ads
Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads Offline Conversion solution:




How to Connect You CRM with Offline Conversion Solution:

There are three ways you can connect your CRM with the Offline Conversion solution.

1. Use our native offline event manager and upload the outcome of your leads.

facebook lead ads

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2. If you’re using Salesforce or Marketo as your CRM provider, then connecting your CRM is even easier as these partners have already built the connection with Offline Conversion and Lead Ads.

Additionally with Zapier, which enables the seamless connection between additional 750 CRM systems including MailChimp & Hubspot is also supported.

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3. Build directly into the Offline Conversion API that will connect your CRM to the solution.

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