Facebook Live Video Shopping Being Tested In Thailand

By Tinuiti Team

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that allows merchants to showcase their products live via video, in an apparent nod to shopping networks like QVC and Home Shopping Network.

The feature is a component of Facebook Live, the social network’s free live streaming service, and allows businesses to ping page followers of the event and then accept payments for the products being demoed via Messenger.

Here’s everything we know so far.

“Video shopping has the potential to be a true connector between Story success and in-app shopping. If this is widely released, brands and influencers will have a direct-to-consumer shopping experience to amplify collaborations and sales.”

sarah sanchez advertise on facebook
-Sarah Sanchez, Manager of Performance Social at CPC Strategy


Your Own Video-based Advertising Network?


The live video advertising feature was first shared on Twitter via Jeff Higgins, and was later confirmed by TechCrunch.

Facebook is adding a live video mode for sellers. Viewers can message you during the broadcast with screenshots of the product and you can take payments from your inbox.
Facebook is essentially giving users their own live Home Shopping Network.

— Jeff Higgins ❤️’s Adidas Sambas (@ItsJeffHiggins) November 29, 2018

Facebook is currently testing the feature with select business Pages in Thailand, in a move that signals the social network’s plans for possibly expanding on its live video and ecommerce offering.

So far we know that the feature:


Although there have been no announcements on how these live videos might be monetized, it’s believed that this move could introduce more ad inventory outside of the News Feed.


facebook live video shopping


Facebook began monetizing its Marketplace earlier this year with ads from users and brands, introducing new ad inventory that lived outside of the News Feed.

Although there are no plans to currently expand the feature to outside of Thailand, one could assume that if it does it may follow a similar pattern as Facebook Marketplace, with ad inventory introduced after launch.


Marketplace & Facebook Live In Thailand


According to TechCrunch, Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Live are both incredibly popular in Thailand, where both features are already being used by merchants to sell items directly over Facebook, like clothing and beauty accessories.


facebook live shopping example from thailand girl selling purses


TechCrunch also reported that Facebook has used Thailand in the past to test various features before they went live globally, including Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups.



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