No matter what platform or marketing tool you’re using, tracking your metrics and Instagram analytics is the key to generating more revenue on Instagram.

Not only does it allow you to hone in on what’s working, but it also helps you dial into what’s not – and even how to fix it and get back on track.

But in today’s digital day and age, Instagram analytics tools run the gamut – and many come with a hefty price tag to boot.

Here are 10 free Instagram analytics tools that you can get started with in 2020, free of charge.


10 Free Instagram Analytics Tools For 2020


If you’re looking for Instagram analytics and you want to know how much you should be paying for it, the answer’s zero.

Instagram marketers actually have dozens of powerful metrics tools at their disposal – and the best part is you can get your Instagram analytics free of charge.

Here’s a few of the Instagram analytics free tools that are available:


1. Instagram Insights


Instagram Insights offers built-in insights you get with your Instagram business account and some of the best free Instagram analytics you can get. Through Insights, you can see basic stats about your posts, profile views, and conversions.


free instagram analytics tool

You can also get data on Instagram Stories, including reach, website clicks and more, as well as deep-dive info about your audience, like their location, gender, the busiest time of day, etc.


2. Hashtagify


Hashtagify is a neat tool that gives you free Instagram hashtag analytics. While they offer paid plans, you can use the base search engine for free and get access to info on how your hashtags are being used. 

hashtagify instagram analytics tools


It will tell you who the top influencers are that are using a certain hashtag, what time of day it’s being used most, how well it’s performing over time, and even projections on how well it will do in the future.




Combin is an Instagram scheduling tool that also delivers Instagram stats for free. They offer a base plan that allows you to schedule your Instagram stories and posts as well as track user activity and audience growth.


instagram analytics tool combin

4. Union Metrics


This tool isn’t as thorough as some other out there, but it’s simple to use and can help you hone in on when to post, what hashtags to use and what type of content to focus on.

One cool thing about Union Metrics is that it tells you your “biggest fan” and reminds you to engage with your followers.


5. Squarelovin


Squarelovin’s “worst time to post” stat is a super helpful one that few other tools offer, and it even breaks those times down by day.

The tool is also great at helping you break down your account performance over time, and you can even see how using different filters affect your post performance.

For a free tool, it’s fairly robust—you’ll get access to a monthly analysis and your post history broken down by years, months, days, or even hours.


6. Socialbakers

f you’re a visual person, Socialbakers might be the tool for you. 

They offer an entire suite of free Instagram analytic tools with options that will help you search for influencers, analyze Instagram hashtags, and just about everything in between.


7. Followers Pro +


This tool is your key to managing your follower’s Instagram states for free.


followers pro instagram analytics tool

It helps you track new followers and those who’ve recently unfollowed you, and it even tells you who you follow that doesn’t follow you back. Use it to determine what content drives followers away or who you need to spend more time engaging with.


8. Pixlee


Pixlee gives you free weekly reports on your Instagram analytics account performance and also helps you hone in on potential influencers you can use to promote your brand.

There are also robust day-to-day data, showing your follower growth, hashtag popularity and more.


9. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a freemium Instagram analytics service that allows you to schedule and publish posts and also offers a dedicated Chrome extension for sharing articles. It’s content curation features are pretty great as well, considering you get unlimited recommended articles and images with the free plan.

crowdfire instagram analytics tool

Crowdfire also offers analytics, although they are limited to one day. Using their platform, you’ll be able to analyze same-day analytics for your audience and engagement.


10. Rival IQ


Competing in a saturated niche? Want to know how you measure up against your competitors? Rival IQ is a neat Instagram Analytics tool that allows you to compare your stats with any Instagram handle you want.

rival iq instagram analytics tool

Using the tool, you can gain access to how your Instagram stats compare to theirs in categories such as activity, engagement, and audience metrics.


How to Measure Instagram Metrics | What’s Your ROI?


Instagram has made big strides in terms of metrics over the last few years — especially since its takeover by Facebook.

Still, its analytics aren’t as robust as most social platforms out there, and this can leave marketers frustrated, floundering on strategy and, worse, unable to report on campaign progress to higher-ups and stakeholders.

“Setting expectations for any marketing campaign, especially influencer marketing, is key to success. Do some industry research to find relatable benchmarks based on your vertical. Set these expectations ahead of time to make sure success is clearly defined.”

facebook audience network

–Sarah Sanchez, Senior Manager of Social Strategy at Tinuiti

As marketers, we know we need to set benchmarks but which Instagram metrics should we measure?

To gauge how effective your Instagram campaigns are (and what tweaks you might want to make to improve them), here are some of the more telling stats you’ll want to look at:


1. Comment Totals


The number of comments you receive is one of your most important Instagram analytics and directly correlated to how engaging your content is. Likes can give you an inkling of what posts are best fitting your audience, but comments mean actual interaction — that the user is taking time out of their day to engage with your brand.

Even if those comments are negative, it still means you’re creating moving content — content that evokes emotion and stirs passion within people.

If your comment rate is low, it might indicate a change in creative or strategy is needed. 

Try following the movers and shakers your audience follows on the platform. What can you do to emulate those brands and influencers? Better yet, could you use one of those influencers to market your products as well?

You can also try mixing up content types by adding videos, slideshows and creative layouts.


instagram metrics

2. Hashtag Engagement


There are several things you can learn by looking at the “most engaged hashtags” metric in your Instagram account.

For one, it gives you an idea of which hashtags resonate the best. Is #fbf doing better than #tbt? Is #officelife getting more engagement than #9to5? Hone in on what hashtags are most engaging, and use that to drive future content strategy.

You can also combine some of your more high-engagement hashtags to up your post’s discoverability. Remember, that’s what hashtags are there for: to help users find you through Instagram’s search function. The more high-engagement hashtags you’ve got on there, the better. Using a free Instagram hashtag analytics tool can help you keep track of trending hashtags to try out.


3. Follower Growth


This isn’t a metric you can get much from on day one, but in the long term it can tell you a lot. Make note of your followers week over week, and pay close attention when you see a larger than usual spike.

    • What did you post that week that caused the spike in new followers?
    • Did you post at different times? Change up your creative?
    • Maybe try a new hashtag or throw in a video?

Follower growth can be a good indicator that your creative is solid, your hashtags are discoverable and that you’re targeting the right audience.


4. Engagements Per Follower


This is one of the most informative metrics in your arsenal because instead of telling you a total number of engagements (which can be misleading), it tells you how many times, on average, your followers interact with you.

Coca Cola might have 4 million engagements in a week, but they also have 100 million followers. So comparing your 250 engagements to their totals doesn’t make much sense.

But if you’re getting 250 engagements on 500 followers? That’s a pretty high engagement rate. A high number of engagements per follower is a big sign that your content is on the mark.

Low engagements? It might be time to step back and re-strategize.

Maybe try a different style of photography or maybe it’s time to get more authentic and introduce people behind the scenes. Try something new, and then examine your engagement rates to see how it resonates.


How To Use Instagram Insights


The photo-sharing app provides some valuable data on your online audience, as well as how they interact with the content you share.

The first step to accessing your Instagram Insights is to convert your account to a business profile (if you haven’t already done so).

To do this, tap the settings icon (it looks like a little gear), then hit “Switch to Business Profile.”

instagram insights

This will take you through a step-by-step set-up process that only takes a couple of minutes. Keep in mind Instagram requires all business profiles be linked to an official Facebook business page, so if you don’t have one of those already, go set that up first. It’ll save you some time in the end.

Once you’ve converted your profile, you should be able to access your insights in one of three areas:

      • From your profile – Just tap the bar graph icon.
      • From a post – Click the arrow in the bottom right corner, then click “View Insights.”
      • From a story – Tap the bar graph icon on your profile, scroll down to the “Stories” section, then hit “Get Started.”

Pro-Tip: If you’re big on posting stories: Story insights are only available for two weeks after they were posted, so make sure to access those before they’re gone. Set yourself a reminder if you need to.


Instagram Insights: Analytics, Data & More


Instagram Insights offer data on multiple sectors of your account including your followers, your posts and your stories (and how all three of those interact).

Follower insights give you demographic data, including the gender, age-range and geographic location of people who follow you and engage with your posts.

You can even drill down by country, state and city of your followers, so if you’re a local business or looking to ramp up your customer base in a particular area, those stats can give you a little insight into how your efforts are paying off.

Pro-Tip: They can also give you important time zone data, so you can time your posts properly to maximize views and engagement for that particular geographic area.

Follower insights can also reveal the number of times each of your followers is active on Instagram daily, as well as how many of them have clicked on the link in your profile.

You can even find out how many new followers you’ve gained and when – stats that can substantially help you when analyzing the efficacy of your posts and stories.

Of course, you can also look to individual post and story insights for performance-based data.

instagram insights


These insights can tell you:

      • Impressions, the number of times your post or story was seen
      • Reach, the total number of unique users who saw it
      • Engagement, the number of unique users who either liked, commented on or saved the post
      • Views, the total number of times a video or story was viewed
      • Saves, the number of users who saved the post
      • Replies, the number of messages sent via your story
      • Exits, the number of times a user skipped your story or exited out while viewing it

Instagram Insights are mapped out via graphs and charts, making them easier to view and understand, and there’s also a “Follower Activity” area that displays the most popular days and times for your followers.

Be sure to pay close attention here; as you gain and lose followers, these time frames will change.


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