New Objectives Launched for Instagram Stories

By Tinuiti Team

In January 2017, Instagram decided to incorporate full-screen ads with one of its most popular products: Instagram Stories. When users post stories, advertisers can insert ads to go inside the stories, which means that viewers will see the ads along with the user-generated content.

When Instagram first released the ads for Instagram Stories, advertisers could only use the Reach objective. Recently, however, Instagram has expanded the program to include Mobile App Installs and Website Conversion objectives for advertisers who use Instagram Stories to promote their brands.

Encouraging Mobile App Installs

Advertisers can include a CTA that lets users install their mobile apps. Since most people who use Instagram are on their mobile devices, it’s the perfect environment to give them a one-tap option for getting your mobile app.

When a user clicks on your ad’s image or video, the CTA will become highlighted in blue so the user knows that it will take him or her off-site. You can also encourage mobile app installs with the default “Learn More” CTA if you don’t want a custom CTA.

Increasing Website Conversions

Conversions matter more than just about any other metric. You can define conversions however you like, depending on what you want consumers to do, and the Website Conversion objective on Instagram Stories can not only drive traffic to your site, but also encourage and track conversions. This objective tells your customer exactly what you want them to do, whether it’s to buy a product, sign up for your email list, or join your SMS marketing program.

Understanding the Importance of Instagram Stories for Brands

Instagram Stories have become popular primarily because of the second word in the program’s name: Stories. They create a platform for influencers who want to share more detailed elements of their day, and ads become a transparent, authentic way to incorporate brand messages into those stories.

Advertisers can entertain the audience and capture users’ attention if they use this feature correctly. Instagram has made every effort to extend help to brands, so it’s no surprise that the company has made its content versatile and flexible for both content creators and advertisers.

How to Take Advantage of Full-Screen Ads

If you’re ready to jump on the Instagram Stories bandwagon, it’s a simple process. You’ll choose a photo or video that will run as a full-screen ad. Your videos can  last as long as 15 seconds, while photos will appear on-screen for five seconds.

You can’t use any captions, so if you want text to appear on your ad, incorporate it in the photo or video before you upload it. You can then select your advertiser settings to help you meet your goals.

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