All Payments to Processed by Paypal

By Tinuiti Team

Merchants logging into their accounts are now greeted with the following message:

It’s a natural partnership since both companies are owned by parent eBay, but we have to wonder–if it’s not broken, why fix it?

For merchants who already have Paypal accounts linked to their business, this isn’t much of an issue for all they have to do is enter their email/password in order to link up the accounts.

But while Paypal is certainly the leader when it comes to online payment processing, not all businesses will necessarily have an account, creating an extra hurdle along the way or they risk having their products removed from

There exists some merchants who may also have their own issues or qualms about using Paypal’s system from their personal experiences, making them slightly reluctant to link their accounts to Paypal or even in signing up for an account.

The main issue though is perhaps convenience related, and certainly of’s 5000+ merchants there will be more than a handful who may neglect this step.

So while has decided that the security and reliability advantages that Paypal has over their current system is worth the minor inconvenience to their merchants, freeing themselves up from their own resources, it’ll be surprising if certain issues don’t arise during this process.

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