Search To Promote Brick & Mortar Stores

By Tinuiti Team

There still exists a fair amount of the population who are online purchasing-adverse. They are either the type that are paranoid about the potential security ramifications, or value the ability to see, touch, and use what they’re purchasing over the potential cost savings they could derive online. then is attempting to combine the benefits of online comparison shopping, along with the ability to make real-life purchases by allowing merchants to promote their physical presences as well.

In order to enable this feature, all a merchant has to do is login to their accounts, and under the Account/Store Info tab there is the option to add an address where a customer can make purchases at.

When a customer finds an item he/she likes that a particular merchant sells, will promote the physical location of the merchant alongside the listing, free of charge.

The main issue that may arise is that a merchant’s online inventory is likely to be much higher than at their physical store locations–but for merchants with large brick & mortar locations, it’s a great way to drive additional foot traffic to their stores.

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