CPC Strategy Hosts Google Shopping Merchant Webinar with Jon Venverloh, Sr. Manager for Google Shopping on August 9

By Tinuiti Team


It’s official. The big G is going to co-host a webinar on Google Shopping with us this  Thursday, August 9th.

Jon Venverloh

Jon Venverloh, Senior Product Manager at Google Shopping will be presenting along with CPC Strategy’s COO Nii Ahene. This webinar is geared towards business owners and will help merchants improve their ROI on Google Shopping. We’ll also have a merchant Q&A at the end.

Nii Ahene

We’re expecting more than 2,000 attendees so make sure you grab your spot before we’re full.

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P.S. Did you check out our epic 27-page Google Shopping Guide we released yesterday? We’ve already got a ton of downloads, there’s lots of new stuff about bidding and Google Shopping CPA campaigns that’s packed inside you’ll want to check out.

See you at the webinar!

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