How To Take Your Google Shopping Ads International With Currency Converter

By Tinuiti Team

For E-Commerce companies, tapping into international markets comes with the potential to grow their customer base exponentially. However, having a website that supports country-specific URLs and currency makes going international easier said than done.

How The Google Merchant Center Can Help

The Google Merchant Center created currency conversion to help E-Commerce companies that can sell and ship internationally reach customers in multiple countries without making any website changes.

How It Works

Currency conversion automatically converts the price in your current product data feed to the currency of the new country of sale based on exchange rates from Google Finance. This currency converted price is then shown on the Google Shopping ad, allowing potential customers in another country to understand how much they would be paying for the product in their familiar currency.  So now a person shopping in Canada can see products sold by a US retailer, listed in Canadian dollars.

One thing to note, while your ads are converted the language is not, so if your feed is in English you are only able to target countries that meet the English language requirement.


Expand internationally without making changes to your website
International is an untapped market for many whose website only supports one currency, with currency conversion these retailers are able to reach international shoppers interested in their products.

No additional inventory feeds are needed
With the currency conversion tool retailers and Elite SEM Shopping & Feed Specialists do not have to spend time creating and optimizing a new feed. Instead Google Merchant Center allows retailers to utilize their current feed.

Google Shopping campaign management
Given the ability to utilize the current feed, Shopping & Feed Specialists are able to duplicate the current campaign structure with ease, enabling retailers to quickly launch internationally and gain valuable insights.

As Google Shopping continues to gain momentum and get more competitive, Google’s currency converter allows retailers the chance to expand their reach internationally. If you’re interested in learning about more ways you can leverage Google Shopping Ads to grow and scale your business,  check out a few of our other posts about Shopping and Feed or reach out to our team of dedicated Shopping and Feed Specialists.

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