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Bizrate Aims to be a One-Stop-Shop with Decide’s Purchase Recommendations

Bizrate launched Decide‘s purchase recommendations in its product listings Monday, April 2nd. The update, which is designed to take some of the leg work out of researching items to buy helps shoppers make more informed purchase decisions.

Mary Yee, Bizrate’s VP of Marketing noted the addition of Decide’s buy/ don’t buy feature as an important new element for the existing Bizrate shopping experience: “What to buy, where to buy and now WHEN to buy.”

Using information from around the web, Decide curates information about when new versions of products will be available, and if the price will change. So shoppers can purchase with confidence, knowing the item in question will not go on sale or become outdated quickly. Well at least a 77% chance at certainty, as advertised by Decide:

Decide Product Recommendations

In addition to merchant ratings and information on Bizrate comparison pages, shoppers will now see recommendations on when to purchase products from Decide (Check out the example below here):

Decide product recommendations on Bizrate

If you click on any of the Decide links or scroll below the comparison listings, you will see a more detailed breakdown of the product price prediction and model over time:

Decide product price and model information on Bizrate

The inclusion of Decide’s buy/ don’t buy recommendations on Bizrate is still in its beta version and is only visible for certain products on Bizrate, including electronics and some hard goods.

But Yee assured me the agreement will be indefinite: “Bizrate is focused on making the richest experience possible for shoppers” she said.

Both shoppers and merchants benefit from Decide’s listing feature. Features enhancements such as these make Bizrate more of a one-stop-shop for online shopping.  And a place to generate more qualified traffic for merchants that participate in Bizrate’s product listing program.

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