Google Ad Update: Product Ads on Sites with AdSense

By Tinuiti Team

Today, Google announced its extension of Product Listing ads with AdSense for Shopping. Product Ads on Google search can now get exposure on sites in Google’s retail and commerce Search Network- sites like with the AdSense for Shopping program.

Google AdSense for Shopping

To help advertisers convert more site traffic, Google is extending product ad exposure from search to retail specific sites. Here’s what an AdSense ad looks like on a retail site:


Google product ads on relevant sites means more product exposure for advertisers, and more opportunities to convert online browsers outside of Google search.

Google AdSense vs. Current PLAs

Google Product ads, which currently appear on Google search, will be available on non-Google sites with Google AdSense. It’s interesting to note that Google AdSense ads display different products than traditional product ads.

Here’s an example of an AdSense available ad search on Google:

Google Adsense vs. PLAs

Here is the same product in AdSense: Google AdSense for shopping You’ll notice between the ad results, SportsFanatics is the only retailer so show up in both ad results.

Why Google AdSense for Shopping?

Google’s AdSense for Shopping program is designed around providing retailers more opportunity to convert browsers on site.

“It provides a simple path to purchase for users searching for products on high-quality retail-oriented websites and an additional high-margin revenue stream for retailers that allow these units on their sites.” – Google

Along with more product exposure on site, AdSense for shopping is an opportunity to increase mobile traffic; point browsers back to relevant results on Google and provide a more robust search experience for shoppers on site.

How can I sign up for AdSense for Shopping?

AdSense for Shopping is currently in beta for a limited number of publishers, with the option for new retail publishers to opt in using Google’s AdSense for Shopping interest form.

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