10 Insider Tips To Seamlessly Use Your Google Feed for Bing Shopping Product Ads

By Tinuiti Team

Bing unleashed the Bing Product Ads program this March, which features Bing Product Ads with images to the right of search on Bing SERPs:

Bing product ads

For ecommerce merchants, Bing Product Ads are a good way to increase online orders, with 510 Million Total Retail searches per month and 31 Million Retail searchers not reached on Google.

Seamlessly use your Google Feed for Bing Shopping Ads

As an added bonus, Bing has made it nearly seamless to integrate Product Ads using your current Google Shopping Campaign to share inventory and ad information. Google advertisers can:

* Import AdWords campaigns directly into Bing campaign
* Import Google Shopping feed

Once you have your Bing account set up, migrating your Google Shopping Campaign and inventory information for Bing Product Ads requires almost no extra set up.

To use your Google Shopping product information and campaign structure on Bing Product Ads, all you need to do is set up a feed ( Bing catalog) within the Bing login and from there you can upload your Google feed directly into Bing. Bing will detect your inventory information from Google and map it into their system.

This means all your titles, links, and even AdWords_labels will be imported to Bing Shopping from Google, allowing you to build your campaigns via brands, product_types, etc. within the Bing login in essentially the same way you would within the Google AdWords login.

Best Practices for Migrating Your Google Feed to Bing

Our good friends at Bing sent us this as a few things to look out for:

1. Not All Fields Transfer to Bing

“Our feed has a sub-set of the fields Google requires. This means that if they use their Google feed, we will accept it, but the fields we don’t have in Bing we will essentially ignore those. For example, Google feed has “additional image” as a field. We don’t have that- so if they import it over, we will ignore this. That being said, advertisers should be aware of the field we do NOT have, so they are not surprised if those do not carry over.”

2. Use the Merchant Category Product Type Catalog Attribute

“I strongly encourage regardless of feed that advertisers have MERCHANT CATEGORY (PRODUCT TYPE) filled in. Merchant Category is how advertisers organize and classify their products. For example, if you are Nordstroms you might have a Merchant Category like: Home Furnishings> Bed & Bath> Towels).  

3 Include Bing Category

“Bing Cateogry is the taxonomy we use to help classify and match offers. The second option, is if they do not have time to fill in Bing Category (or already done this for Google) the secondary option is to leave their Google Product Category in that feed when they import- this will help classify offers (see if we can match them) on the back-end to our Bing Category.”

4. Update your tracking parameters if you’re using Google Analytics or other tracker

Bing has its own internal tracking which is useful to see performance withing Bing Ads. If you are using Analytics with Google Shopping, you need to update your tracking for Bing -whether you use Bing tracking or continue to use Analytics.

5. Get rid of any non-Bing supported columns

Bing doesn’t recognize all of Google’s data feed columns as it has its own required data feed information and labels. Be sure to rename any Google columns to match Bing’s feed format, and be aware that that any custom Google labels will be ignored by Bing (e.g custom labels, additional_image_link).

Pro Tips for Migrating Your Google Feed to BingBing Product Ads from Google

PRO Tip: Once your catalog is uploaded, it can take up to 3 days to appear on Bing. If your catalog isn’t new, it can still take up to 36 hours for product information to appear on search, and 2 hours for product information to update.

PRO Tip: Your ad bids do not migrate with your ads.

PRO Tip: Google’s current Product Listing Ads campaign structure can be imported into Bing Product Ads, NOT the newer campaign structure Google Shopping Campaigns (which will replace the current format in August 2014).

PRO Tip: Before you can use Google feed to create Bing Product Ads, be sure you  have set up a Bing Store and verified your store URL.

If you have a Google feed currently, it just takes a few clicks to get started and integrated onto Bing Shopping, and with less than 100 days for Google Shopping Campaigns transition- your best time is now.

Need more info on Bing? Check out our upcoming Webinar (with Bing) and Guide:

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