Google Merchant Center Gets Minor Makeover

By Tinuiti Team

Changes are minor, but for those who are in their merchant center a lot, they should jump out at you:

Today, we’re rolling out a few changes that will make the Google Merchant Center easier to use. We’ve simplified navigation between sections and we’ve merged the “Active” and “Inactive” product pages into one “Products” page. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to search for a specific product by product ID on this “Products” page, making it easy to zero in on any of your products. Lastly, we’ve made some minor stylistic and textual changes, like changing the term “Published” to the more descriptive “Searchable.”

The ability to search for a product is quite beneficial for merchants who want to track how many impressions/clicks an individual product is getting, as before they would have to browse page by page to the product they want to find.

Source: Google Merchant Blog

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