Google News: Your Face Could Be Featured on PLAs

By Tinuiti Team

Google announced today that starting November 11th, Google will be actively accessing Google+ information to add to Product Listing Ads. For example, if you reviewed a product or endorsed a business with your Google+ account, you may be featured on a PLA like below:


The idea is that these product endorsements will positively add to a product’s listing because peer reviews resonate well with shoppers (as we have all learned by shopping on Amazon).

The obvious backlash here is that this is an “invasion of privacy” (…which is laughable in today’s social internet space) and that many shoppers don’t want to be seen publicly. So of course, Google+ users can opt-out of this feature here.

This same feature will also be applied to general business listings on SERPs.

It  will be interesting to see what other changes Google may roll out for PLAs in time for the Q4 shopping rush. Any ideas?

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