Google Product Listing Ads: Best Practices and Common Errors

By Tinuiti Team

We’re proud to say that the good keeps getting better.

We just updated our distinguished Product Listing Ads Guide to include 2 more pages that WILL send you down the right path to successful, lucrative PLA campaigns.  Check them out below:

Ad Group Best Practices

We end the debate on the best way to structure your PLA Ad groups.
What you will learn in the new Product Listing Ads guide section:

Should you use the all products ad group?
What other ad groups should your campaign have?

Common Data Feed Errors

Simply put, don’t do these. We’ve seen too many merchants fall into these pitfalls and really cripple, even stall, their PLA campaigns in the process.

Are you making any of these data feed errors?

Not verifying your site URL
Including restricted products
Missing a column in your data feed

If you haven’t checked out our Products Listing Ads Guide yet, there are over 4 chapters, and more than 30 pages in this 15,000+  word resource.


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