Google Quietly Releases Google Shopping For Suppliers

By Tinuiti Team

Recently Google quietly released a new Google Shopping for Suppliers (in beta, only open for electrical & electronic products) that has some really interesting new features for merchants to use. Check out a picture of the results page:

A few big things to point out:

1. Google is verifying suppliers to add trust for merchants purchasing from them (check out the blue Google seal on the product listings above).

2. $1000 yearly verification fee required for American suppliers, Chinese suppliers need to pay ï¿¥6000 (plus 6% VAT) / year, Hong Kong suppliers need to pay $7500 / year.

3. It looks like Google has not made this a CPC engine yet and after you submit your verification fee you should be able to sell your products in bulk. Make sure you check out the following Google links below for more information on the program.

4. It looks like the data feed requirements are very different than that for Google Shopping. Make sure you take a close look at them. Namely Price, Shipping, Tax, and Returns and Refunds policies have changed. It also looks like this program is NOT run through Google’s Merchant Center.

Google Shopping for Suppliers Policies

Google Shopping for Suppliers Help Center

Here’s another different comparison page:

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