Google Price Drop: What, Where, How

By Tinuiti Team

Ever notice Google highlights price drop for certain AdWords products in search?

The Google price drop feature on search pages comes directly from Google, and is only eligible for products which meet specific requirements.

What is Google’s price drop feature- and is it something you should highlight for your products during the holiday season?

Google Price Drop in Search

Here is an example of the Google price drop in search: Google Q4 sales

Google Price Drop

To display on search with the price drop feature, products on Google need to have decreased in price significantly over the last 30-60 days. Google’s price drop  exact requirements are not published yet, but we do know price drop:

Google tracks your pricing changes on their back-end. So for example, product A has a price-point of $100 for an extended time frame (e.g. 90 days) and then the price changes to $80. Google would recognize that a long-standing price-point has changed, so your Product Ad would be eligible to show that “20% price drop” snippet.

Google Shopping Strategy for Higher Q4 Sales

Google price drop is a nice feature to leverage visibility on search, although retailers have less control over directly influencing this variable. Keep in mind there are many Google Shopping optimizations you can use for the holiday to increase sales, impressions and meet a desirable cost of sale.

Below are some tutorials to help you increase sales for Google during Q4:


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