More Google Shopping Changes to Look Forward To [Pictures]

By Tinuiti Team

Check it out. These new-style Google Shopping comparison pages will soon be on a Google Shopping SERP near you.


Here’s a link to see for yourself:

From Jeff Coleman, one of our senior Account Managers:

“They’ve been doing that in Shoes for awhile, but not every listing has a page created for it. Even shoes that nobody else is selling (meaning there’s no real comparison) will have this comparison page type page.

I’ve been told the goal with these pages is to eventually use them to list all available variations of a shoe even if there’s just one retailer selling it, although if there are multiple retailers selling the shoe then customers could filter by size/color to see just the retailers that carry the variation they want.

So at the bottom where it says “Available: 10” would have a list of all available sizes & colors with different images for each color variation.

They’re also been creating these pages for retailers who aren’t sending variation information (or are only sending a parent product or a single variation) so I think their goal is to create these pages for the most popular shoes & worry about collecting all the necessary data for them later.”

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