New Google Shopping Accounts Limited to 1500 Products

By Tinuiti Team

A few weeks ago Google announced that newly registered feeds would be limited to 50,000 products which is down from their usual 100k limit.

This posed a problem for any new merchants wanting to list on Google and have over 500k products–since you can register up to 10 data feeds within the Google Merchant Center–but based in our experiences those kind of merchants are in a small minority.

However more recently Google has moved the decimal over a few spots and reduced the feed limit from 50,000 to 500–which would mean a maximum of 5,000 allowable SKUs with their maximum allowable 10 registered data feeds.

Even more recently though, Google has put a further imposition into that, as any merchant trying to register new feeds will be greeted with this message*:


*extra visual may not actually be found within login

With a 500 SKU feed limit and 3 files that means a maximum of 1500 products a new merchant can send out (Google’s calculator confirms the math is correct).

We should specify that this only applies to merchants registering new data feeds–so if you’ve been sending feeds with tens of thousands of SKUs you should be in the clear.

But if you’re a new merchant or want to add more products to your inventory to say, prepare for the Q4 shopping season, you will be heavily limited in what you can add–for now at least. Google says the limit is only temporary, but no word has been given on if/when this will be lifted.

Obviously this is not good news for anyone whom this affects, and quite a stir can be found over at Google’s Help Forum, in which there are many more questions than actual answers.

Our solution: hop into your time machine and go back to before November 9th and register as many data feeds within your login as Google will allow to make sure as many of your products can be listed as possible.
Our prediction: Google will perfect a flying time machine car that drives itself before all the issues with the Google Merchant Center will be resolved.


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