New NexTag Design Goes Live

By Tinuiti Team

A few weeks ago we spotted a new NexTag logo in e-mail signatures. This morning the top ranked paid shopping engine unveiled a complete redesign to their website with a dark blue / green color screen on the homepage. The change is one of many in a recent sequence of aggressive moves by NexTag’s new CEO Jefferey Katz.

To the right of the new logo, if you look closely, the search bar is filled with words and a gray color. It’s a little difficult to see at first try.

The new design highlights deals on the shopping engine. It lists them towards the top, which includes a Top Deals section and a NexTag Holiday Gift Guide. The position of these two promotion boxes is testament to the increased popularity of coupons and deals among shoppers.

NexTag’s recent acquisition of and the site redesign layout gives us hints as to where NexTag sees growth in the online retail industry.

More reason than ever to create coupons for the Holidays.

Below the Holiday Gift Guide Nextag lists product recommendations, followed by top brands which appear to be sponsored. At the bottom users can browse by category.

We’ll be watching traffic, conversions, and ROI closely to see the impact of the new design on merchants. Hopefully it’s a good one.

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