Nextag Offers Customizable Feedback Surveys

By Tinuiti Team

We’ve discussed in the past the importance of having good customer feedback when listing on the CSE’s, and how it can be as important as pricing in the eyes of a consumer while scanning through product listings.

In it we said that a merchant can install a feedback prompt provided by the shopping engine, in which a customer is asked to fill out a survey detailing their shopping experience.

Nextag has now taken it a step further and has started to allow merchants to create their own custom surveys.

Both the point of sale and post-fulfillment survey builders are customizable, in which a merchant can choose to be notified if their rating goes behind a certain threshold, as well as determine what questions are asked to the buyer:

We’d recommend merchants keep the surveys as simple as possible, as buyers can often be overwhelmed if too much is asked of them to fill out.

Still, this certainly provides merchants good opportunity to see what their customers are thinking as they go through the purchase process in a relatively simple matter. It a merchant does have multiple questions they want to ask though, it may make sense to cycle in and out the questions, rather than ask them all at once.

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