Best Comparison Shopping Engine For Q1: Will Q2 Bring More Surprises?

By Tinuiti Team

We take pride in our quarterly Comparison Shopping Report, which are the most comprehensive statistic-based list of the top 10 Comparison Shopping sites for online retailers. Our reports shed light on ecommerce trends among top engines like Google Shopping and Amazon Product Ads.

Q1 2013: Here’s what happened and why retailers should care.


Our Q1 Comparison Shopping Report supported several new trends, including a significant increase in Google Shopping traffic following the holiday season.

Google Shopping Traffic Doubles AFTER Q4 2012

Q4 is playoff season for online retailers, primarily beginning with Black Friday and ending with post-Holiday bargain hunting. So it came as a large surprise to us that Google Shopping traffic doubled from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013.

With Google, It’s Not Even Close

In addition to traffic, several other significant metrics stand out for Google Shopping during Q1 2013. Google was the runaway top-performer last quarter:


Could we be in for some more surprises from Google Shopping next quarter?

Keep an eye out for the Q2 2013 Comparison Shopping Report July 24th!


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