RIP Regular PLA Campaigns, Long Live Google Shopping Campaigns

By Tinuiti Team

Google announced today that it will be retiring the current PLA campaign type to be replaced by Google Shopping Campaigns by August 2014.

Google advertisers have four months to migrate their Google Shopping ads, after which PLA campaigns will be automatically upgraded by Google.

Google Shopping Campaigns which have been available to all advertisers since February allow advertisers to intuitively break out product groups ads from their product inventory within AdWords. Since then Google has continued to update Shopping Campaigns for a better advertiser experience including the Google Bid Simulator, and the ability to bid on multiple ad groups.

Google’s announcement comes on the heels of Bing’s release of Product Ads, a program which uses allows advertisers to migrate regular PLA inventory information and ad structure to build its ads.

Get Started with Google Shopping Campaigns

Google advertisers have 4 months to transfer over to Google Shopping Campaigns before the switch happens on its own.

We’ve been managing Google Shopping Campaigns for over over a year (when the program was initially available), and have extensive and vetted expertise on how you can smoothly transition your Google ads. For example, here are some points to consider about the Google Shopping Campaign structure:

Google Shopping campaigns pros

Check out the resources below to learn more about Google Shopping Campaigns:


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