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By Tinuiti Team

Many advertisers are familiar with the ability to target U.S. locations by demographics within AdWords, but not all know that adding income tiers to campaigns can be done at scale to save time. For advertisers with numerous campaigns segmented by location, the following the steps should prove to be very useful. If your campaigns are not segmented as such but you are interested in only targeting a handful of locations, you can still apply this method to save time and avoid having to individually enable it for each campaign.

Available Household Income Targeting Tiers:

* Note that not all locations currently have all tiers available and income targeting is only enabled for the U.S.

Steps for Bulk Adding Household Income Targeting:
  1. Once signed into your account, click the “Settings” tab to access an overview of settings for all campaigns.
  2. Either add a filter if you have multiple campaigns with similar names using the same location targeting, or check off all campaigns that you want to apply the same household income targeting to manually (such as the “ATL” campaigns in the example below).
  3. Click “Edit” and select “Location” from the options.
  4. Click the “Advanced search” link.
  5. Click on “Location groups”.
  6. Use the dropdown to select “Locations by demographics” and search for your desired location.
  7. To start adding your household income tiers, use the dropdown to manually add each tier as desired. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to add all income tiers at once.
  8. Once you have selected your desired income tiers, click “Done” and then “Make Changes.” Be sure that the default action “Add to existing locations” is selected, unless you would like to replace your existing location settings.

Once household income targeting has been added to all desired campaigns, I recommend letting them run for at least a week to gauge performance. Set bid adjustments for the best performing tiers in order to maximize conversions.

Adding household income targeting to non-branded campaigns has allowed me to increase conversion rates and better target customers in high-converting areas.

I hope this helps you, too!

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