As your retail business expands, keeping track of product data can get increasingly more difficult. All the SKUs, descriptions, pricing information – it can get unwieldy fast.

Fortunately, product information management platforms, or PIM software for short, can help you better manage that information and stay organized – no matter how many SKUs you have under your belt. (Psst – you can also learn how to optimize your content feeds in our full guide).

Below are 15 of the top PIM platforms for online retailers.

NOTE: These are not in order of preference. These success of a tool depends on your company’s needs, structure, and budget.

1. Akeneoakeneo


Akeneo was made to deal with large quantities of product information… like tens or hundreds of thousands of SKUs, hundreds of attributes, and what at times seems like an infinite number of images and product descriptions coming from your suppliers. Akeneo lets you organize your data, take a deep breath, and get on with your other jobs making it an ideal PIM software solution.


Akeneo Features

  • Centralize all product information in one place
  • Distribute product data across multiple channels
  • Rule and validation workflow creation for supplier data


Who It’s For

Almost everyone. Akeneo features different plans for enterprise and below, and the potential for collaboration makes it stand out.


2. inRiverProduct information management platform inRiver


InRiver allows you to push product information to virtually any channel you own, including e-commerce sites, catalogs, mobile devices, signage, in-store point-of-sale systems and more.

InRiver even lets you take online-only information, like customer ratings, reviews, comments and behavior, and use them in other areas of the retail business.


inRiver Features

  • Offers extensions for Magento-based stores
  • Supplier onboarding tools to increase information quality and eliminate errors
  • Enhanced search capabilities and query building
  • Planner app to handle and plan for future campaigns, promotions and product launches
  • Channel to channel functions, so you can use data seamlessly between tasks


Who It’s For

inRiver is designed for both B2B and B2C retailers. It’s ideal for any business with lots of product data across multiple channels, specifically ones with a lot of online consumer participation.


3. Salsifyproduct information management platform salsigy


Salsify is a cloud-based PIM software platform that gives everyone across your organization access to the same, real-time data from anywhere in the world. Salsify integrates easily with all major ERP, DAM and e-commerce platforms.


Salsify Features

  • Real-time collaboration allows you to see updated when teammates contribute to or change product data
  • Unlimited users, workflows, channels and storage
  • Multiple languages, including English, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and more
  • One-click reminders, so you can request product data or images from your suppliers or teammates
  • Scalable so you can expand during growth and cut back during hard times


Who It’s For

Ideal for retailers with a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Its flexible permissions, collaborative tools and audit history capabilities make it perfect for big teams with lots of ever-changing product data.


4. Oracleproduct information management software


Oracle’s PIM software solution creates a central repository for all vital product data, including both supplier information and individual location/channel information.

Oracle is one of the most widely used PIM platforms around.


Oracle Features

  • Helps ensure compliance with industry regulations
  • Allows you to securely share product information with partners and teammates
  • Easily scalable


Who It’s For

Oracle’s PIM software is designed more for B2C work – for sharing and disseminating product information throughout the organization and with business partners and suppliers.


5. Hybris Softwareproduct information management software hybris


The Hybris master data management and PIM software solution centralizes all product and customer data in one single view.  combines internal and external data sources, offline

Hybris software combines internal and external data sources, offline channels and online channels, and allows users across the organization to access the information in real time.


Hybris Software Features

  • Also works with user-generated content
  • Functions across multiple devices
  • Allows for down-channel selling and unique catalog production for different sites, enterprises and groups
  • Has built-in search engine optimization tools
  • Offers seamless conversion between currencies and markets
  • Easy-to-use import tools for supplier onboarding


Who It’s For

The Hybris solution is Ideal for B2C retailers with a lot of online presence. It’s designed to enhance traditional PIM systems with additional online and digital features and to improve the overall customer experience.


6. Agility MultichannelProduct information management software agility multichannel


Agility is a user-friendly PIM software solution that can be custom-fit to any individual role or organizational need.

Agility Multichannel offers dynamic workflows, streamlined processes and enriched content, and its built-in integration tools make the info gathering process simple and easy.


Agility Multichannel Features

  • Contextual views let you customize and adapt data to each specific channel
  • Integrates easily with existing e-commerce systems
  • Allows you to automate every step of every process
  • Provides real-time financial and performance analytics
  • Offers content history and auditing


Who It’s For

Agility is good for both B2C and B2B retailers with a need for a customizable data management solution. Retailers who need a lot of visibility on performance and financial data would also benefit from Agility.


7. IBM InfoSphereProduct information management IBM InfoSphere Platform


IBM InfoSphere is a robust solution designed to give retailers and businesses the real-time data they need to make strategic decisions. It offers data aggregation and syndication, collaborative workflows, auditing, reporting, flexible data modeling and hundreds of other helpful features.

InfoSphere consolidates data across all channels, including ecommerce, in-store, kiosk, mobile, print catalogs and more, and it is one of the most popular PIM software solutions around.


IBM InfoSphere Features

  • Advanced reporting and auditing features
  • Mass updating capabilities
  • Rich text editors for web-style content
  • Extensive modeling capabilities that can change as a business expands


Who It’s For

IBM InfoSphere is designed with B2B retailers in mind, offering them an effective means of communicating real-time, up-to-date information to partners and suppliers.


8. ADAMproduct information management PIM Adam


ADAM’s PIM software solution is designed with the customer in mind – to deliver a rich, informative and up-to-date experience across every channel.  aims to eliminate data silos, and make information easy to edit, change and update by anyone throughout a retailers’ organization.

ADAM aims to eliminate data silos, and make information easy to edit, change and update by anyone throughout a retailers’ organization.


ADAM Features

  • Works seamlessly with rich media, including videos, audio and imagery
  • Ensures consistency in branding, product details and marketing themes with configurable widgets
  • Offers accelerated workflows for content creation, product launch, translation, localization and more
  • Customizable functions can be tailored to each individual or departments’ needs
  • Offers drag-and-drop capabilities so you can move products, categories and more easily and quickly


Who It’s For

ADAM is ideal for B2C retailers looking to improve their customer experience. It offers advanced tools for managing content, workflows and more, and you can even opt for ADAM 5, an enhanced enterprise marketing platform that works hand-in-hand with its PIM solution.


9. EnterWorksproduct information management EnterWorks


EnterWorks PIM solution, called Enable, is an enterprise platform that manages content and digital assets, allowing retailers to publish them on multiple mediums with ease.

EnterWorks creates a central repository of data which can be managed, enriched, syndicated and collaborated on by multiple users and across applications.


EnterWorks Features

  • Easily manages digital assets like multimedia, images, documents and more
  • Allows users to export data and publish on ecommerce sites, web and print catalogs, business applications, data pools and more
  • Offers portal-based applications for dealers, suppliers, sales team members, customer service reps and other personnel
  • Has flexible data modeling and streamlined workflows
  • Offers unlimited attributes and extensible taxonomies


Who It’s For

Many of EnterWorks’ customers are manufacturers, distributors, dealers and other B2B companies, but consumer goods retailers may also see benefit from it.


10. Stibo Systemsproduct information management Stibo Systems


Stibo Systems’ PIM solution is a part of a larger, master data management suite, which also includes digital asset management, multidomain MDM, data governance and data quality modules.

The PIM module merges product information across organizations to ensure consistent, accurate data 24-7. It allows users to manage and update every aspect of their product data, including hierarchy, structure, attributes, approvals, versioning and validations, and see it changed in real time.


Stibo Systems Features

  • Allows users to share information seamlessly with back-end systems
  • Eliminates data silos and ensure regulatory compliance with its multidomain MDM module
  • Lets users quickly search through digital assets and manage digital rights/usages with DAM module
  • Increases accuracy of printed materials with Print Publisher module


Who It’s For

Since the PIM software comes as a part of a larger MDM suite, Stibo Systems is best for retailers with larger data management issues on their hands.


11. Informaticaproduct information management platform informatica


Unlike most PIM solutions, Informattica one doesn’t come in separate modules. It’s a comprehensive, holistic hub of information taken from all a retailers’ channels and platforms.

Informatica is easy to integrate, and requires only simple configurations to start using.


Informatica Features

  • Simple supplier portals for self-onboarding
  • Intuitive tools that help you segment, personalize and get more from your sales
  • Manages and automates business processes
  • Integrates easily with ecommerce systems, point-of-sale devices, catalogs, mobile apps and more
  • Offers a simple web-based search


Who It’s For

Informative is best for B2C retailers looking for a way to improve their product data accuracy and shorten their supplier onboarding process.


12. Pimcoreproduct information management PIM Pimcore


Pimcore is the only open source, consolidated, enterprise digital platform comprising of Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and eCommerce. Being a consolidated platform, it is in a unique position to help enterprises work quickly and efficiently by combining key applications, eliminating the need for complicated integrations, raising product quality and providing awesome ROI.


Pimcore Features

  • Easy to use and develop. It comes with powerful modules like Users Permissions, Workflow, API, and Messaging System.
  • Highly scalable, enterprise-ready web application.
  • “Connect Anything” architecture, to integrate any amount, and any type of digital data for enterprises of any size and any industry.
  • API driven approach enables incredible connectivity with enterprise systems CRMs, ERPs, ESBs, BIs, or 3rd party applications.
  • Flexible web-based data modeling engine.
  • Enterprise data management to manage business process or gather business intelligence
  • Customized data integration solutions and delivery
  • Improved data quality/semantics for better business intelligence (BI) and analytics
  • Workflow Management to create and alter workflows
  • User-specific dashboards, built-in style editors, snippets, widgets and responsive design, Google site search integration, built-in image editor, social media reporting, QR code management, Google Webmasters and Analytics integration.


Who It’s For

Pimcore is for fit for agencies, software integrators and enterprises looking to manage or consolidate their product information, digital assets, master data and improve customer experience. Pimcore also helps integrating any amount, any type of digital data for enterprises of any size and industry.


13. Tradeshift


Merchantry’s PIM software is built with retailers in mind. It lets multi-vendor retailers scale their workflow, simplifytradeshift pim software supplier onboarding and manage product data with a user-friendly portal systems.

Suppliers enter their information into a personal portal, and that data is funneled into the retailers’ portal. Finally, that product and inventory information can be managed and pushed out to selling channels online, in print or in store.


Tradeshift Features

  • Automatic data validation at any point of entry
  • Drop-ship modules
  • Built-in supplier notifications and alerts
  • Configurable business rules for attributes and validation


Who It’s For

This is ideal for retailers with a large number of vendors and suppliers, as it offers a self-onboarding process. This speeds up the time-to-market and cuts down on in-house labor costs.


14. Perfionproduct information management platform Perfion


Perfion gives you one source of product data across all channels, including marketing, merchandising, sales and more.

Perfion integrates easily with existing IT systems, and you can seamlessly export data to Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe InDesign, point of sale devices and more.


Perfion Features

  • Product comparison tool, so you can view previous versions and compare
  • Limitless features and attributes
  • Built-in supplier and quality assurance specifications for purchasing and sourcing
  • Seasonal planning tools to help you plan and prepare for upcoming seasons
  • Cross selling tools to boost sales
  • Easily print or attach QR codes


Who It’s For

Perfion is ideal for retailers with complex product structures, multiple selling channels or multi-language sites.


15. Riversandproduct information management riversand


Riversand ensures up-to-date product information is available for all areas of the retail business – from sales and merchandising to accounting, IT and more. The enterprise software solution manages workflows from the initial product creation down to its marketing and final sale.


Riversand Features

  • Multi-region coverage, so multiple languages,  currencies and classifications are simple
  • Supports publishing to e-catalogs and print media
  • Automates workflows and business processes


Who It’s For

Riversand can handle millions of products and thousands of attributes, so any size retailer could benefit from this platform.


Have a favorite PIM software? Let us know in the comments!

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