ARA Premium Is Now Available Free For Vendors

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium is an add-on suite of additional reports which Vendors have access to through Vendor Central.

As of April 1, Amazon is changing the name of ARA Premium to Brand Analytics.

Update: ARA premium is now available for free for Vendors which will be available until it gets changed and renamed “Brand Analytics”. Only brands that are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry will have access to it. So, if your brand only uses Basic ARA, they will now also have Premium.

As a prerequisite to keeping this reporting, a vendor must enroll in Brand Registry or they will lose access. 

“With this change, Amazon is continuing to stress the importance of Brand Registry to protect your intellectual property and brand equity you have invested in building your brand. As we all know data is paramount to success on the Amazon platform. You do not want to lose the valuable reporting that you currently have access to.”

Eric Kauss, Director, Amazon & Marketplaces Operations


How to Qualify for Amazon Brand Analytics

According to Amazon, to qualify for Brand Analytics you must be enrolled in the Brand Registry and you must be internal to the Brand and responsible for selling the Brand on Amazon.

What Data Does Brand Analytics Provide?

Amazon Brand Analytics provides:

– Access to years’ worth of data within custom date ranges.

– Sales Data by a particular state, province, or postal code.

– Top search terms across Amazon.

– Products customers purchase after viewing your products.

– Products customers purchased at the same time as purchasing your products.

– Unique and repeat purchase data.

Pro-tip: Vendors who are not Brand Owners or are Brand Owners not enrolled in Brand Registry will retain access to Amazon Retail Analytics Basic (ARA Basic) for their data and reporting needs.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

In May 2017, Amazon launched a new and improved Brand Registry designed to help brand owners protect their registered trademarks and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers by providing access to proprietary text and image search, predictive automations, and reporting tools.


amazon brand registry


Today, the Amazon Seller Brand Registry unlocks a powerful suite of programs and features for verified brand owners to not only protect intellectual property but also build their brand presence on Amazon and grow their business.

The Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry:

According to Amazon, more than 130,000 brands around the world have an Amazon brand registration, and on average, they’re finding and reporting 99% fewer suspected infringements than before the launch of Brand Registry.

The benefits of Amazon Brand Registry provides a variety of benefits according to Amazon’s website, including those listed below:

1. Accurate brand representation

Amazon Seller Brand Registry gives you more control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name, so customers are more likely to see the correct information associated with your brand.

2. Powerful search and report tools

Amazon simplifies the process of finding cases of potential infringement with custom features designed specifically for brands:

After you complete your search, the Brand Registry provides you with simple and guided workflows to submit a report of potential infringement that Amazon can review and take appropriate action on.

3. Additional proactive brand protections

In addition to Amazon’s standard proactive measures to protect customers, the Brand Registry uses information that you provide about your brand to implement additional predictive protections that attempt to identify and remove potentially bad listings.

The more you tell Amazon’s Brand Registry team about your brand and its intellectual property, the more Amazon can help you protect your brand, for example:

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