Top Ecommerce Platform Blogs

By Tinuiti Team

Last month we reviewed some of the best ecommerce platforms. We’re continually adding new platform reviews to the series (the most recent being a review of CS Cart). In today’s post we’re going to look at some of the ecommerce platforms that have the best ecommerce blogs for their merchants. You’ll find our list below.

1. Shopify Blog


They’ve got a great selection of articles, ranging from How To Get Featured On Tech Crunch to 9 Simple Ways To Write Product Descriptions That Sell to 12 Social Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Online Sales. Mark Macdonald ( does a great job keeping the content fresh and relevant to retailers.

2. Miva Merchant Blog


I like the Miva Merchant blog because it gets down to business. There’s no fluff, articles are straightforward and range from beginner to advanced, all focused on ecommerce. There’s a ton of great content there, ranging from guides on User-Generated Content to On-Page Optimization Guides to How To Find The Right Products To Sell.

3. Big Commerce Blog

There’s a solid collection of blog posts at the Big Commerce blog. It’s a little focused for Big Commerce customers or prospects. It’s well worth checking out.

4. The Magento Blog

This blog is focused for Magento customers and prospects as well but it gives out some great information. If you’re considering the platform make sure you check it out. The Magento community is huge!

5. The Volusion Blog

I love the interface of the home page of the Volusion blog. You can quickly scan 10 of their most recent articles, which is more tricks & tips focused. Definitely worth a look.

6. The PrestaShop Blog

There’s some worth-reading ecommerce articles in here. Some include how to improve product photos and how to use the php.ini form to improve your website.

7. The 3dcart Blog

Worth checking out this blog if you are interested in the 3dcart platform. There’s also a few good articles on ecommerce tricks and tips there.

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