Effective Ways to Improve Web Store Conversion Rate

By Tinuiti Team

This is a guest post by Nicolas Fincher, PR and Marketing Manager at CS-Cart, which specializes in the creation of ecommerce tools for businesses.

online shopping One of the main characteristics of success for any web store is its conversion rates. That’s why improving this metric should be among the top priorities for an online venture. Unfortunately, many online business owners neglect the importance of conversion rates while focusing too many efforts and investments on marketing campaigns and driving traffic.

However, the revenue rates are in direct correlation with the number of sale transactions completed successfully by web store visitors. This article below is focused on sharing some effective ways on how to turn your prospects into clients and, in such a way, improve your conversion rates.

Create an Attractive and Exclusive Storefront Design

Your storefront is the first thing your prospective clients see when visiting your website and getting to know your online venture. So, it plays a crucial role in creating their first impression of you. Take your time to make your storefront and overall website design look both attractive and professional. Only your imagination is the limit when it comes to web design opportunities – you can use various awesome graphical effects, high-quality, bright photos and images, stunning interactive options, exciting videos, cute quotes, relevant reviews, ratings, and many other smart web design tricks to highlight your products and encourage your visitors to buy from you.

Minimize Checkout Process

In fact, almost 50% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts because of the complicated and confusing checkout process. They want everything as easy and quickly as possible, rather than jumping over several barriers before they can finally buy something from you. Web stores with one-page checkout systems tend to have dramatically higher conversion rates. Hence, checkout optimization should be one of your primary concerns during your web store development: try to minimize your checkout stages by limiting the whole transaction session to one page only, while making all related processes simple and clear enough.

It’s also important to provide your customers with the convenience and flexibility to edit their purchases before proceeding to checkout. This will let them not only feel free to remove or add any necessary items, but also avoid the hassles of going back to the product page and starting the shopping process from scratch again.

Focus on Client Shopping Experience

Quite often, I come across online stores with rather perplexing, embarrassing navigation menus that makes me feel like willing to leave them right away, rather than trying to go through numerous links and pages to find necessary products. Your shoppers will feel the same way if you don’t care about providing them with a convenient and easy shopping experience. The best way to do this is through a very easy-to-use web store interface, intuitive, clean design, and smartly organized navigation.

Get Mobile-Ready

The current tendency of online shoppers to get use their mobile devices shows the high importance of making your ecommerce website fully mobile-ready. In accordance to various reputable market researches, smartphones and tablet PCs are going to become the number-one devices to go online and access the global web market in less than five years. This way, with a few efforts to make your online store easy to follow and navigate on any modern mobile devices, you can ensure high conversion rates both currently and in the future.

Improve Your Brand Awareness

Obviously, larger brands have considerably higher conversion rates when compared to less well-known brands. The main factor underlying under this reality is the credibility level. Typically, shoppers feel more trusting  towards established, more popular brand names.

Ensure Absolute Online Security

While completing a purchase transaction, a shopper is typically required to enter some personal information, including his/her credit card number. That’s why, many consumers still hesitate to make purchases online because of related risks. By having your web store protected with HTTPS (SSL), you can assure your customers that they can buy from you with absolute confidence. Another efficient way is to get your website validated by security entities, like TRUSTe or VeriSign.

If you have some other useful ideas to convert online store visitors into actual buyers and increase conversion rates, feel free to share them in the comments below.

About the Author

Post by Nicolas Fincher – a PR and marketing manager at CS-Cart a widely-known company specializing in creation of ecommerce tools for businesses of any size with its primary product CS-Cart.

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