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By Tinuiti Team

Site search is an overlooked aspect of website and conversion rate optimization. Try searching on our very own blog and you’ll find that it’s pretty awful, and then you’ll understand why frustrated shoppers bounce if your site’s search functionality fails.

Fortunately, there are pros to help keep shoppers on your site through excellent search functionality. We hear from Nextopia CEO, Sanjay Arora, to hear how they can add value to ecommerce websites with their technology.

Describe Nextopia in 60 words or less.

nextopia-site-search-logoSanjay: Deliver the right information to shoppers at the right time: It’s what we help our customers do. We do this so well, in fact, that more than 1,500+ customers — including an increasing number of Internet Retailer Top 500 sites — trust us for next-generation site search and navigation technology. Whatever the need, whatever the problem, we help retailers convert browsers into buyers.

What are the benefits of Nextopia to an ecommerce retailer?

Sanjay: Nextopia’s main benefit to our customers is simple—we help increase sales by helping your customers find what they’re looking for. 47% of all online business is repeat business, so it’s important that your customers find what they’re looking for the first time they visit. Shoppers that use on-site search spend three times the amount of money versus customers who browse. Intelligent site search can actually decrease product returns by 85%, which frees up valuable resource time.

In today’s crowded marketplace, customers have come to expect accurate and relevant search results and advanced store navigation. If you don’t provide them with a fast, easy shopping experience, they’re going to go shop somewhere that does.

What’s Nextopia’s unique selling proposition (USP)?

Sanjay: What makes Nextopia unique is our ability to provide industry-leading search and navigation technology at affordable and scalable prices. Our customers range from small, niche retailers to enterprise-level giants, and we believe that cutting edge advanced search shouldn’t be reserved for huge companies with deep pockets.

We’re also constantly developing, updating, and refining our products to ensure that our customers always have the most up-to-date technology available, regardless of whether they’ve been a customer for years or have just joined us.

How do you explain your growth and maturation as a company and your ability to build out a notable client list with a lot of brand-name recognition?

nextopia-site-search-sanjay-aroraSanjay: Our growth model has always been focused on client retention and superior customer service. The reason our client base continues to grow is because most of the time, once a client sees the results we can provide, they remain with us. By leveraging the recommendations, testimonials and case studies from our customers and partners, we generate new business by pointing to our strong track record and letting the numbers speak for themselves.

What kind of retailer is best suited for Nextopia’s service?

Sanjay: Generally speaking, any online retailer can benefit from Nextopia’s site search and navigation technology. We have customers with only a few hundred SKUs and customers with millions of SKUs—and all of them have seen tremendous ROI from implementing Nextopia’s technology.

Because of the flexibility of our pricing model, we start with what a prospective customer needs and work with them to build a package that works for them.

What’s next for Nextopia?

Sanjay: We’re continuing to grow both internally and in our client base, and we look forward to expanding the scope of our business and the performance of our products. We were recently included in Forrester Research’s “Market Overview: Site Search Technology” report alongside Google, Adobe, Amazon, HP, and Oracle.

We’ve always believed that our technology is equal to or better than these industry giants, and it’s a testament to the growth of our company that the market is starting to realize it. We hope to continue growing the same way we have for years—by providing superior customer service and cutting edge technology, one customer at a time.

How can an ecommerce merchant get started with Nextopia?

Sanjay: It’s incredibly easy to get started with Nextopia. We can integrate with any major platform, and work with our customers to ensure that the integration goes smoothly and is up and running as soon as possible. Just give us a call at 1-800-360-2191, or head on over to to schedule a demo or start a live chat with one of our Account Managers. We’ll find a solution that fits your needs.

About Sanjay:

Sanjay Arora is the Founder, President & C.E.O. of Nextopia Software Corporation. After founding Nextopia in 1999, he has led the company to become a leading provider of next-generation search and site navigation technology for over 1,600 Internet retailers.

With Nextopia’s product offerings, retailers are able to leverage their site search to enhance product merchandising, obtain powerful analytics, and increase revenue.

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